Strategic Planning Committee

The committee is appointed on an ad hoc basis by the Executive Board.

Committee Charge

The mission of the ARLIS/NA Strategic Planning Committee is to establish priorities for the Society by defining the mission, vision, and value statements, incorporating goals and objectives to keep the Society innovative, agile, and moving forward. Working with the Executive Board, committees, liaisons, and the general membership, the Strategic Planning Committee will develop a strategic planning document that describe our mission, vision, value statements, and strategic directions, as well as a dashboard to chart and measure our progress towards the plan’s goals. The Strategic Planning Committee will also serve as a resource during its term to assist the Society in realizing its strategic objectives, while also providing a cohesive transition for succeeding Strategic PlanningCommittees.

The structure of this committee is exempt from the committee structure outlined in ARLIS/NA Policy Manual, Policy No. G-1. The committee membership is appointed per the year and positions held at the time the ad hoc committee is formed and does not change throughout the tenure of the ad hoc committee.

Core Values and Strategic Directions

Project Charter Workflow

Action Scorecard (members-only)

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Amy Trendler

    Amy Trendler


    Architecture Librarian


  • Suzanne Rackover

    Suzanne Rackover

    MLIS, MA

    Director, Library Services + Learning Commons


  • Sarah C. Carter

    Sarah C. Carter

    MA, MLS

    Art, Architecture, and Design Librarian

    Committee Member

  • Freyja Catton

    Freyja Catton


    Independent Consultant

    Committee Member

  • Jessica Craig

    Metadata Specialist

    Committee Member

  • Rebecca K. Friedman

    Assistant Librarian

    Committee Member

  • Patricia Gimenez

    Patricia Gimenez

    MLIS, MA

    Director, Art Library

    Committee Member

  • Cambria Happ

    Cambria Happ

    MPA, CAE

    President, Barcami Lane, Inc.

    Committee Member

  • Karyn M Hinkle

    Karyn M Hinkle

    Visual & Performing Arts Librarian

    Committee Member

  • Mark Pompelia

    Mark Pompelia

    Visual + Material Resource Librarian

    Committee Member

  • Rebecca M. Price

    Rebecca M. Price

    Architecture, Urban Planning/Visual Resources Lbrn

    Committee Member

  • Heather Slania

    Heather Slania

    Director of Decker Library, MICA

    Committee Member

  • John J. Taormina

    John J. Taormina

    B.A., M.A.

    Curator of Visual Resources

    Committee Member

  • Lauren Gottlieb-Miller

    Lauren Gottlieb-Miller

    Associate Dean for Preservation and Special Libraries

    Committee Member

  • Gwen Mayhew

    Gwen Mayhew

    Head of Collection Access

    Committee Member