Strategic Directions

This work has been supplanted by the work of the 2022-2023 Strategic Planning Committee, which drafted new Vision, Mission, and Values Statements for ARLIS/NA. A fully revised strategic plan is coming Fall 2023.

Core Values

  • ARLIS/NA believes that lives are enriched by engagement with the visual arts, design, and cultural heritage.
  • ARLIS/NA believes that art information professionals are uniquely equipped to serve the art information needs of a broad audience for education, scholarship, and artistic practice.
  • ARLIS/NA believes that diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the profession strengthens the practice of art librarianship, and enriches library collections and user experiences.

Strategic Directions

Action Scorecard (members-only)

Leadership and Advocacy

The Society shall speak and act on behalf of its members to advance, validate, sustain, and advocate for the profession and the value of art libraries, as well as train its members to be advocates within their individual context.

Organizational Advancement

As the leading art information organization, the Society shall strengthen the profession through increased visibility, collaborative partnerships, international networks, and membership engagement.

Art Information Professionals

The Society shall support the evolving role of art information professionals through education, mentoring, and professional development opportunities that foster excellence and innovation.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Society shall promote diversity and inclusion within the profession including the makeup of its workforce, the design of services and programming, the development of intercultural fluency skills and competencies, and the practice of inclusive collections building.

Innovation and Technology

The Society shall serve as a community of practice for the exploration, cultivation, and sharing of innovative approaches and emerging technologies in libraries and art librarianship.

Collections and Access

The Society shall seek opportunities to facilitate collaborations across institutions and cultural organizations in order to promote the informed management, preservation, discovery, and access to collections amid their evolving publishing manifestations.