Mission, Vision, and Values


ARLIS/NA defines and champions the arts information profession.


ARLIS/NA’s vision is for a vibrant and just world activated by arts information and advanced by arts information workers. 


  • Advocate – for arts information, our profession, our communities, and ourselves.
  • Create community – center accessibility, diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.
  • Connect – collaborate, educate, listen, share, and support.
  • Lead – be an example for others to follow, proactively address issues in the present, and develop opportunities for the future.
  • Thrive – keep ourselves, our communities, our organizations, and ARLIS/NA balanced, healthy, and sustainable.


Mobilizing Membership

Increase membership by 20% and double the representation of BI+POC identifying members.

Igniting Infrastructure

Align infrastructure with mission, vision, and values; increase operating margin to 10%.

Creating Community

Foster community such that at least 80% of students, new professionals, and self-identified BI+POC members agree or strongly agree with the statement that ARLIS/NA creates a community that centers accessibility, diversity, equity,
inclusion, and social justice.

Amplifying Advocacy

Conduct advocacy efforts that generate at least one major media mention (with an estimated viewership/readership of 1 million+) and at least five minor media mentions.

Propelling Partnerships

Establish at least five new partnerships or collaborations, grounded in an intentional equity mindset, to enhance the reach and impact of arts information services and resources in underserved communities.