Member Benefits

Members have access to professional development opportunities, networking resources, publications, and forums for thought-provoking discourse.

As an ARLIS/NA Member, you will enjoy:

Networking with Fellow Professionals

The Society's structure and activities encourage participation at all levels of the organization.

  • Chapters provide a means of participating in Society activities and programs at the local level. Chapter and regional meetings are held throughout the year to focus on area resources and local experts on a variety of relevant topics.
  • DivisionsSections, and Special Interest Groups represent subgroups of the membership united by function or special interest, and their activities are conducted for the enhancement of resources, services, and awareness relating to their special focus.
  • Committees are chaired by members appointed by the President and charged with specific responsibilities relating to the fulfillment of the Society's mission and goals.
  • The Executive Board, consisting of member volunteers elected as officers (President, Past President, Vice-President/President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and Liaisons) serve as the chief policy-making body. Each elected officer also serves as liaison to committees and working groups that are drawn from the membership.
  • Connect with fellow ARLIS/NA members via the Member Directory.
  • An open line of communication with fellow professionals via ARLIS-L, the Society's moderated online discussion group for the exchange and dissemination of information of vital interest to the members.

ARLIS/NA recognizes the value of excellence in professional service, publishing, and original research by bestowing numerous awards and scholarships.


An active publications program disseminates valuable information among the membership and to those in related fields, and provides opportunities for members to edit and publish.

  • ARLIS/NA Reviews provides expert evaluations of new publications throughout the year in an online format.
  • Art Documentation appears twice yearly and features substantial articles on issues of interest to art information specialists (e.g. historiography, copyright, digital imaging, intellectual access, database design and construction, interdisciplinary sources) plus in-depth reviews. All members receive a complimentary subscription.
  • ARLIS/NA Multimedia & Technology Reviews target projects, products, events, and issues within the broad realm of multimedia and technology related to arts scholarship, research, and librarianship.
  • ARLIS/NA Notable Graphic Novels Review features reviews of graphic novels believed to be innovative, memorable, or significant in the field. 
  • ARLIS/NA publishes scholarly, professional, and practical works relating to art librarianship and visual resources curatorship.

Career Resources
  • The Annual Conference featuring guest speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and informal colloquia brings art information experts together for fruitful discussion. Exhibits by publishers, book dealers, and suppliers of electronic data and visual materials highlight the latest in products and services.
  • The annual Summer Educational Institute jointly sponsored by ARLIS/NA and the Visual Resources Association Foundation.
  • Access to job postings on ARLIS-L and the website.
  • Access to internship positings on the website.
  • Intership opportunities in Art, Architecture, & Design Libraries and Visual Resource Centers throughout North America.
  • The ARLIS/NA Commons and Kaltura Channel provide access to rich content and discussion groups from the society.

Advocacy and Collaboration

Broad professional involvement with other organizations and projects allows ARLIS/NA to keep its members informed of innovations in the art information field and to speak for the profession on issues such as technological development, intellectual property rights, and cataloging standards.

ARLIS/NA actively seeks relationships with other arts and information organizations to further the goals of art information professionals. The Society maintains formal affiliations with many organizations worldwide and holds joint programs with the College of Art Association and the Visual Resources Association.