ARLIS/NA Commons

The ARLIS/NA Commons and Kaltura Channel provide access to rich content and discussion groups from the society.

ARLIS/NA Commons

The ARLIS/NA Commons is scheduled to officially launch in 2022. Stay tuned for updates.

Kaltura Channel

The ARLIS/NA Kaltura Channel features videos and audio content from ARLIS/NA events. The channel also includes the content that was formerly part of the ARLIS/NA Learning Portal.

ARLIS/NA’s Kaltura Channel

ARLIS/NA constiuency groups are invited to submit video and audio content to the Kaltura Channel. Prior to submitting content via the ARLIS/NA Commons Manager, ensure the content meets the submission requirements.

ARLIS/NA Kaltura Channel Submission Requirements


For further information on the Commons or the Kaltura Channel, contact the ARLIS/NA Commons Manager.