Editorial Board


To provide oversight for the Society's communications and publications; to create a forum for communication among the Society's editorial staff; to make recommendations to the Executive Board concerning the Society's communication and publication policies and procedures; and to serve as the search committee for vacant editorial positions.


News and Communications

Professional Resources

Editorial Board

  • Amy Ballmer

    Amy Ballmer

    Chair, Research & Collection Development

    Editorial Director

  • Judy Dyki

    Deputy Director, Cranbrook Academy of Art

    Art Documentation Editor; ARLIS-L Editor

  • Molly J Schoen

    Visual Resources Curator

    ARLIS/NA Copy Editor

  • Megan Macken

    Megan Macken

    MLS, MA

    Assistant Department Head, DRDS

    ARLIS/NA Reviews Co-Editor

  • Terrie L. Wilson

    Terrie L. Wilson

    Art Librarian & Humanities Coordinator

    ARLIS/NA Reviews Co-Editor

  • Virginia Kerr

    Virginia Kerr

    Retired Head of Communications

    Media & Technology Reviews (MTR) Co-Editor

  • Karina Wratschko

    Karina Wratschko

    IT Project Manager

    Media & Technology Reviews (MTR) Co-Editor

  • Matthew Garklavs

    Matthew Garklavs

    Electronic Resources Librarian

    Media & Technology Reviews (MTR) Co-Editor

  • Abigail Walker

    Abigail Walker

    Acquisitions and Serials Librarian

    Media & Technology Reviews (MTR) Co-Editor

  • Tara S. Smith

    Tara S. Smith

    Open Licenses Librarian, Arts & Humanities Instruction Team Librarian

    Notable Graphic Novels Review Co-Editor

  • Giana Ricci

    Giana Ricci

    Librarian for the Fine Arts

    Notable Graphic Novels Review Co-Editor

  • Emily Clifford

    Emily Clifford

    Senior Marketing and Events Coordinator

    ARLIS/NA Website (AWS) Manager

  • Larry E Eames

    Larry E Eames

    Instruction Librarian

    Media Editor

  • Meredith L Hale

    Meredith L Hale

    Metadata Librarian

    ARLIS/NA Commons Manager

  • Michelle E Wilson

    Digital Publishing Librarian

    Digital Art History Directory Editor