Call for Posters, Lightning Talks, and Roundtable Discussions, ARLIS/NA 2022 Conference Chicago

Annual Conference,
Deadline to Submit November 4, 2021

The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) will hold its 50th annual conferencePast Present Future: Aspiring to New Heights in Chicago, IL, April 5th to 9th, 2022. 

As the Art Libraries Society of North America celebrates its golden anniversary, the conference theme underscores the history of art librarianship, focuses on the current emergence of new technologies and modes of interaction, and provides an opportunity to consider how the events of the past two years may impact the future.  It also reflects Chicago’s own story, from the resiliency and optimism that allowed Chicago to reinvent itself as a modern city after the Great Fire, to its development as a city of dynamic diversity where issues of equity, inclusion, accessibility and anti-racism are of paramount importance.

The Chicago Conference Program Committee invites fellow librarians and library professionals, archivists, curators, museum professionals, publishers, educators, artists, designers, architects, and scholars to propose posters, lightning talks, and roundtable discussions on topics  including, but are not limited to: 

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility
  • Local Art and Architecture
  • Advocacy, Social Justice, Public Policy and Activism
  • Archives, Rare Books and Special Collections
  • Collection Development and Management
  • Critical Librarianship
  • Digital Humanities and Digital Scholarship
  • Alternative Publications, Artists’ Books, Graphic Novels, ‘zines etc.
  • Teaching and Pedagogical Practice
  • Visual Literacy
  • User Experience

Types of Submissions

POSTER:  A visual display that sparks conversation among attendees about new research, an innovative idea, or a case study. The posters will be exhibited during the conference with a 60 minute session for presenter interaction. 

LIGHTNING TALK:  An opportunity to give a 5-7 minute presentation on a provocative idea, initiative, or challenge. Lightning talks should be well-rehearsed, engaging talks that use limited visuals. Proposal submissions are limited to two authors, and only one person may present the Lightning Talk.  Lightning Talks will be grouped into sessions that may or may not be themed.  

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Small, informal group discussions around a common theme and or issue. In the abstract field, facilitators should identify a topic and submit at least three potential questions that will keep the discussion moving. Roundtable discussions are 60 mins in length.

Additional Details

WORD LIMIT:  All proposal abstracts are limited to 250 words or less.

TOPICS:  You’ll be asked to select at least one and no more than three topics that describe your poster/lightning talk/roundtable discussion.

How to Submit Proposals

Submit your presentation, panel, and workshop proposals via the link below.

Make A Submission

The deadline is Thursday, November 4, 2021

Please direct any questions to the Poster Coordinator:

Larissa Garcia, : Northern Illinois University

or one of the Program Co-Chairs

Cara List, Northwestern University

Jamie Vander Broek, University of Michigan