ARLIS/NA Demographics Factsheet


Why is ARLIS/NA collecting this information?

ARLIS/NA needs to collect demographic information to get a clear picture of the organization’s membership and the inequities that we see in our profession, our association, and compared against librarianship and other information professions. 

Collecting, disaggregating, and reporting on demographics data consistently is a necessary step in creating a race equity culture. Without this data we cannot tell where we are or how we are doing. The ARLIS/NA Anti-Racism Task Force recommended the demographics data points that are now being collected.

Here’s more about why collecting data is so important to the cause of racial equity: 

  1. Can Data Drive Racial Equity?
  2. Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture

How will this information be used?

Individual data will not be made public. The overall demographics content will be shared annually and used to assess ARLIS/NA’s diversity and inclusion efforts. We will ensure that individuals are not identified in any data share--two or more categories of information may be put together to ensure that. 

More specifically, ARLIS/NA will use the data to longitudinally track and assess our membership in relation to similar statistics set out by other professional organizations and the demographics of the areas included.

Why are the response options in the order they are in?

Most of the response options are in alphabetical order. Generic answers, such as “prefer to self-identify” and “prefer not to say,” are grouped at the end of the list for clarity. Although options are presented in list format, a hierarchical order is not intended.

Is contributing my demographic information optional?

Yes, contributing your demographic information is optional.

Contact Us

We invite your comments. Please direct them to the co-chairs of the Anti-Racism Task Force, Heather Slania and Amy Trendler.