ARLIS/NA Statement Against Hate

Statements/Press Releases,

In the wake of recent racist and neo-Nazi rallies and hate-filled rhetoric by white supremacists, the Art Libraries Society of North America reaffirms its longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion. The society strongly condemns hate speech and actions in all forms and stands shoulder to shoulder with members, scholars, artists and other library and cultural organizations against all forms of racism, bigotry, white supremacy, hate and violence. Libraries and archives are bastions of free expression and inquiry. Hate speech and other inflammatory rhetoric that incites violence or any actions that threaten our communities cannot be tolerated.

In harmony with recent statements by the American Library Association (link) and the Association of Research Libraries (link), ARLIS/NA agrees that any form of intimidation or discrimination, whether based on ethnicity, nationality, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or other qualities is in stark contrast to the core values of librarianship.

As an organization committed to diversity, inclusion, and support of the arts, it is important to recognize hate speech and action and oppose it in no uncertain terms. The methodologies of the arts, design, and humanities provide powerful tools in these times. The arts offer dynamic ways to come together in an exploration of our individual and collective assumptions and histories and spur our imaginations towards building a better future. ARLIS/NA will continue to promote diversity and an inclusive community and is resolved to actively support all aspects of art librarianship and art information professionals and to develop library collections and user experiences that will strengthen the richness and diversity of our collective human heritage.