Featured Art Library: Collin College Preston Ridge Campus Library

Featured Art Libraries,

In 2005, the Preston Ridge Campus of Collin College opened a new library where art is not the sole specialization. Collection development occurs for both the Fine Arts as well as Culinary Arts programs at the school. The art librarian performs this responsibility and as liaison works closely with the art faculty to further build the library collection. Members of the faculty have observed that the art subject collection is comparable to the local universities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where Frisco is a suburb. 

The library covers many artforms including performing arts, dance, music, and the fine arts. As an added "flavor," the close working partnership with the culinary arts program results in occasional fringe benefits. Yum!

During the spring and fall semesters, the art students create works to be exhibited in the library building. The library is about 50,000 square feet of space with posts, columns, counter space, and end-of-ranges as optimal places to hang or display art. The classes include 2-D design, drawing, painting, jewelry, and photography. Occasionally, students learning the fundamentals of baking, cake decorating, plated desserts, and chocolate and confections drop off items for display in the library. The cake-decorating classes display their cakes on tables. During December, the library also hosts a gingerbread house contest.

"Our art classes are involved in a collaboration to introduce art students to the variety of library resources available. This effort builds an art vocabulary that aids comprehension and also enhances the quality of artwork produced within the studio environment. Discussions and critiques add dimension to the studio instruction as beginning students learn about various processes and materials. The library opens its spaces to exhibit the resulting art and this continues to generate lively exchanges between the art student and the general campus population," according to Theresa Traweek, Fine Arts Faculty.

The library art collection contains about 6781 volumes for fine arts and 1986 for music and dance. The culinary arts section has about 2234 volumes. Collin College Libraries serve the residents of Collin County in addition to meeting the information andresearch needs of Collin College students, faculty and staff. 

Additionally, the library recently opened a makerspace. It houses a Structure Sensor that works with the iPad Pro to create 3D scans of rooms, objects, and people. Students and faculty are able to print their designs on 3D printers. The library also offers video equipment. Audio equipment was specifically acquired to support the needs of music students.

The library satisfies its mission by providing students and faculty the opportunity to research, create, and exhibit their artworks.

Please visit the Collin College Preston Ridge Campus Library website to learn more about collections, services, and resources.