ARLIS/NA Core Competencies for Art Information Professionals

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About this Report:

The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) is committed to increasing the effectiveness of art librarians and art information professionals by focusing its efforts on professional and continuing education, as well as professional development activities. This document aims to identify the fundamental knowledge, behaviors, and skills currently essential to most professional positions within the art information field. It is intended to be a flexible document that can be revised as the field evolves and changes.

The revised edition of the Core Competencies was created by Karen Stafford, Maggie Portis, Amy Andres and Janine Henri, with input from the Professional Development Committee and the ARLIS/NA Executive Board. The new edition has been revised to emphasize the specialized skills needed by art information professionals that are beyond general competencies expected of all information professionals. The first edition (2006) was written by Heather Ball and Sara Harrington with members of the ARLIS/NA Professional Development Committee and Core Competencies Subcommittee.