48th Annual Conference

Schedule and Program

Schedule and Program

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  • Book Art

Darin Murphy: [bonus presentation!]:DIY setup for sharing artist’s books during Zoom sessions (darin.murphy@tufts.edu) (0:00-06:48)

Program presentations and co-moderators' introduction (06:49-08:24)

Barbara Prior: Tagging Artists’ Books for Instruction (barbara.prior@oberlin.edu) (08:25-16:12)

Traci Timmons: Artist’s Books on Climate Change: ExtendingBIOSPHERE by Ginger Burrell (tracit@seattleartmuseum.org) (16:19-22:30)

Jaye Fishel: Nexus Press Catalogue Raisonné Online: Nexus Press (jaye.fishel@gmail.com) (22:34-28:17)

Josh Hockensmith: Intro to the Artists’ Books Critical Index We’ve Been Building at UNC-Chapel HillArtists' Books Critical Index (hockensm@email.unc.edu) (28:18-36:15)

Corina Reynolds: Center for Book Arts: How We Are Taking Book Arts Online (corina@centerforbookarts.org) (36:16-49:07)

Claudia Covert(49:10-1:00:21)

Baker + Whitehill Student Artists' Book Contest 

RISD’s instruction efforts during the pandemic

We didn’t cancel our art book fair, we took it online in two weeks: Unbound (ccovert@risd.edu)

Jamie Vander Broek: Book artist residencies @University of Michigan (jlausch@umich.edu) (1:00:26-1:03:13)



 Session Abstracts

      1. Artist Files in the Transit Library: Connecting Collections | Bronwyn Dorhofer, Research Librarian, Sound Transit

      2. Artists Need Visual Literacy: Why Universities with Art and Design Programs Should Require Visual Literacy Courses Designed for Studio Art Majors through the Use of Feminist Pedagogy | Jackie Fleming, Visual Literacy and Resources Librarian, Indiana University-Bloomington

      3. As easy as 1, 2, 3: A model for organizing artists’ books | Yuki Hibben, Curator of Books and Art, Special Collections and Archives, Virginia Commonwealth University

      4. Assessing the Needs of Scholarly Users of NYARC’s Web Archives | Mary Bakija, MLIS Student, Pratt Institute

      5. Benchmarking Library Social Media Channels to Increase Engagement | Phoebe Stein, Digital Services Librarian, School of Visual Arts, NYU

      6. Comics & Graphic Novels in the Liberal Arts - Building a Collection from the Ground Up | Janis DesMarais, Visual Literacy and Arts Librarian, College of the Holy Cross

      7. Digital Humanities, Fair Use, and New Art Technologies | Julie Carman, Research Librarian, Central Washington University

      8. Exotic Animals in Japanese Art: Curation, Collaboration, and Experiential Learning Using Library Exhibit Space | Christiane Ramsey, Visual Arts Librarian and Timothy M. Davis, Asian Studies Librarian, Brigham Young University

      9. La France Sauvée ou le Tyran Détrôné: A Dramaturgical Casebook | Angela Weaver, Fine & Performing Arts Librarian, University of Puget Sound

      10. The Francis Bedford Archive: Nineteenth-Century Architectural Photography in England and Wales | Claralyn Burt, Academic Year Graduate Intern, National Gallery of Art

      11. Leveling the Playing Field: Board Games as Critical Collections | Shaleigh Westphall, Library Assistant, Pacific Northwest College of Art

      12. LibArt: A Model for Exhibiting Student Art in Academic Libraries | Andrea Waldren, Art & Architecture Library Operations Manager, The University of Kansas

      13. Material Order SEARCH: a Shared Catalog of Materials Collections | Mark Pompelia, Visual + Material Resource Librarian, Rhode Island School of Design

      14. Micro/crafting: Reimagining Data Through Art and Embroidery | Stacy R. Williams, Head, Helen Topping Architecture & Fine Arts Library, University of Southern California

      15. More Than a Pretty Picture: Integrating Art and Visual Literacy with the ACRL Framework | Mary Wegmann, Collection Development Librarian, Sonoma State University, Loretta Esparza, Public Service Librarian, Santa Rosa Junior College Libraries and Catherine Fonseca, Outreach & Inclusion Librarian, Sonoma State University

      16. Open Access Collections: Past, Present, & Future | Rachel Hoster, Ask a Librarian Specialist, University of Michigan

      17. Oral History as Care: Preserving Memories & Maintaining Stakeholder Relationships | Anna Boutin-Cooper, Research & Visual Arts Librarian, Franklin & Marshall College

      18. Processing the National Palace Museum, Taipei Collection | K. Sarah Ostrach, MLIS Candidate ’20, University of Maryland

      19. Radical Revisions: Using an Information Literacy Course Grant to Drive Collection Development | Sarah Carter, Art, Architecture, and Design Librarian, Indiana University

      20. Recommended reads for visual literacy: A new bibliographic resource for librarians | Dana Thompson, Research and Instruction Librarian, Murray State University

      21. Reconstructing the Built Environment: SAH Archipedia & the Architecture of Digital Scholarship | Amanda Clark, Library Director, Whitworth University

      22. Reflecting, Reimagining and Defining: One-on-One Studio Consultations for Visual Artists and Musicians at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and the Yale School of Art M.F.A. Graduate Program | Allison Comrie, Kress Fellow in Art Librarianship, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, Yale University

      23. Starting From Scratch: Developing a New Arts Library Programming Team | Tess Colwell, Arts Librarian for Research Services and Alex O'Keefe, Arts Digital Projects Librarian, Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, Yale University

      24. Suggestions For Making Artists' Books More Accessible | Marsha Taichman, Visual Resources & Public Services Librarian, Cornell

      25. Visual Thinking for Art Librarians and Artists: Unlocking Your Creativity to Generate Ideas, Solve Problems and Communicate More Effectively | Rebecca Barham, Art Research Librarian, University of North Texas

      26. When the Instructor Becomes the Student: How Sitting in on Classes Strengthens Libraries' Departmental Impact | Leah Sherman, Visual & Performing Arts Librarian, Florida State University

      27. Models for Metadata: Artstor and Alternatives | Callie Cherry, Graduate Student, University of Denver

      28. Hiding in Plain Stacks: Photographically Illustrated Books in Art Libraries | Karalyn Mark, Library Fellow for Collections Management, Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute


July 29, 8:30am

1. Re-imagining critical visual literacy in higher education

Moderator: Stephanie Beene
Speakers: Mary Wegmann, Dana Statton Thompson, Maggie Murphy
Discussion 1
Discussion 2

July 29, 9:45am

2. Reimagining the Frame: Connecting Art to the Framework in Theory and in Practice

Moderator: Eva Sclippa
Speakers: Anna Boutin-Cooper, Alex Watkins, Claire Powell, Shannon Robinson

July, 29, 11:00am

3. Vendor Lightning Round 1

Moderator: Stephanie Grimm
M. Moleiro: The Art of Perfection | Roberto Moleiro
Eric Chaim Kline Bookseller | Eric H. Kline
East View Information Services | Mike Peters & Chris Franz
Artifex Press | Chris Vacchio

July 29, 12:15 PM

4. Who's At Work? Our Roles as Academic Art Librarians

Moderator: Tess Colwell
Speakers: Ginny Moran, Courtney Baron, Richard Swiercan, Evan Schilling

July 30, 8:30

5. Reimagining Unique Collections through Digitization

Moderator: Meredith Hale
Speakers: Nature on Display: A Digital Exploration of Lewis Lindsay Dyche’s Panorama | Andi Back, Andrea Waldren | Materiality Made Visible: Digitizing Textile and Garment Collections | Melanie Emerson | The Friends of Fiber Art International Artist File Collection | Beth Goodrich

July 30, 9:45 AM

6. That’s Exactly How We Feel: Creating a New Praxis for Empowering Leaders and Thinkers in Art Librarianship

Moderator: Carol Ng-He
ASL Interpreter: Tom McGillis
Panelists: Marianne Williams, Evan Schilling, Diane Dias De Fazio, Joan Jocson-Singh, Vaughan Hennen

July 30, 11:00 AM

7. Vendor Lightning Round 2

Moderator: Stephanie Grimm
Casalini Libri Spa | Patricia O'Loughlin
Erasmus Boekhande | Dirk Raes
A&AePortal by Yale University Press | Sara Sapire
Facsimile Finder | Giovanni Scorcioni

July 31, 8:30 AM

8. If You Build It, Will They Come? : Reimagining Strategies for Embeddedness as an Art Librarian

Moderator: HeatherSaunders
Speakers: Order Up: A Teaching Menu to Engage Art and Design Faculty | Michele Jenings | Exhibiting STEAM: Engaging Art Librarianship in the STEM Narrative | Stefanie Hilles, Ginny Boehme

July 31, 9:45 AM

9. New Voices in the Profession Panel

Moderator: Olivia Piepmeier
Speakers: Re-imagining Critical Information Literacy Instruction for Interdisciplinary Art + Design Upperclassmen | Andrew Wang | Participatory Description: Decolonizing Descriptive Methodologies in Archival Practice | Lauren Haberstock

July 31, 11:00 AM

10. Diversity Forum

Moderators: Natisha Harper | Danielle McGhee

July 31, 12:15 PM

11. Career Development Panel

Moderator: Alex O'Keefe
Speakers: D. Vanessa Kam | Mar González Palacios | Megan Williams | Suz Massen