Title Histories of the Periodical Literature of Art & Design

Research & Reports,

The Title Histories of the Periodical Literature of Art & Design is a title index that attempts to bring together, record, and present the title histories of the periodical literature for the art & design disciplines. There is an emphasis on defining the title relationships and publishing histories of the periodicals. 

The index is made up of three sections. The first section provides an introduction to the project and discussion of the organization and formatting of the index. The second section is a table of contents, with listings for all titles in alphabetical order with page numbers and ISSN numbers. The third section is the main title index, comprised of individual and grouped title entries. The table of contents and/or a document search may be used to efficiently and effectively search the content of the index.

This index is intended to function as a societal record; a record that over time and through collaborative efforts can grow in the number of titles represented and can also grow to include additional descriptive, bibliographic elements for the individual periodical titles represented.


Compiled by: Hillary Veeder
© 2015