State of Art Museum Libraries 2016 White Paper

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About this Report:

The ARLIS/NA Executive Board announces the publication of the State of Art Museum Libraries 2016 White Paper. The report demonstrates the current roles, issues, and challenges faced by art museum libraries in the United States.

Art museum libraries provide authoritative, relevant, and timely research service to their museum constituents and the general public, and act as fundamental partners in the art museum’s educational mission. Despite their importance, art museum libraries are facing pressures from many directions, and are increasingly required to provide value propositions for their existence. The historic and enduring value of the art library, and the employees who develop, promote, and safeguard its resources, cannot be emphasized enough to the staff, administration and the governing boards of art museums. This paper takes a closer look at these constraints in specific institutions and offers strategies to remedy the adverse effects.

Eumie Imm Stroukoff, President of ARLIS/NA, stated: “The white paper illuminates the issues faced by specialized art museum research libraries, and provides possible solutions as a constructive way to manage change.” The Executive Board and co-authors believe this paper will serve to move the profession forward in a positive and constructive manner. The co-authors of the white paper are: Anne Evenhaugen, Shaina Buckles Harkness, Alison Huftalen, Nicole Lovenjak, Mary Wassermann, and Roger Lawson (Editor).