Photography & Recording Statement - 2022 Annual Conference

Annual Conference,

The sharing of pictures documenting organizational events is encouraged. There are a variety of official methods employed at conferences and meetings to record and share information, which does not preclude personal photography. Officially designated conference photographers document such events for the organization’s records. 

Balancing the ethical considerations associated with taking or publishing photographs and legal obligations is especially relevant in a digital world with mobile technology. Here are some considerations for creating and sharing image content responsibly:

  • Taking pictures or video might be disruptive or distracting, especially during presentations
  • Respect each individual presenter’s intellectual property rights
  • Consider rules associated with specific performances and venues, such as fundraising events, as some do not allow photography of any kind
  • Avoid publishing unflattering or embarrassing photographs—be considerate
  • If you’re unsure about posting something, ask the person involved if it’s OK to post

If you plan to share visual materials, the conference hashtag for social media this year is #ARLISNA2022. When posting, think about quality over quantity—be selective. If you’re concerned about an image of yourself that has been published online, contact the person who posted it. Additionally, some online services allow posters and viewers to control privacy settings.