Featured Projects: The New Art Museum Library

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The New Art Museum Library

Lead: Museum Division

The New Art Museum Library (Rowman & Littlefield, 2021), edited by Amelia Nelson and Traci E. Timmons, addresses the issues facing today's art museum libraries through a series of scholarly essays written by top librarians in the field. In the decade since publication of Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship edited by Joan Benedetti, many technological and ideological changes have occurred in the field. In addition to representing current thinking and practice and celebrating the many innovative initiatives that are flourishing in this new landscape, this new publication addresses the need to articulate and define the art museum library’s value within its institution, documents the broad changes occurring today in museums and cultural heritage institutions, and highlights how these changes are impacting art museum libraries. The unique nature of these initiatives mean that they will be useful to librarians working in a wide range of special libraries as well as more broadly in academic and public libraries.

Approved: May 2018