Worldwide Books Award for Electronic Resources

The purpose of the Award for Electronic Resources is to recognize outstanding electronic publications by ARLIS/NA Individual members in librarianship or visual resources curatorship, and the arts. By recognizing special achievement in these areas this Award acknowledges and encourages the development of electronic resources by the ARLIS/NA membership.

Award Application


Projects Supported

Projects may focus on the creation of publications in any electronic format that improve access to art information and benefit the profession of art and visual resources librarianship, as well as the broader world of librarianship, through such means as compilation and dissemination of information, translation of original scholarship, analysis of our professions, or the enhancement of access to information. Eligible projects may include, but are not limited to, web-based databases and indexes, online research tools, virtual exhibitions, CD-ROM products, and publications promoting electronic resources.

Award Amounts

Recipients may receive awards ranging from a certificate of merit to a cash award of up to $2,000.

Eligibility: Format & Material Types

All electronic formats are eligible.
The following types of materials are NOT eligible: theses, dissertations, annual reports, posters, newsletters, or other types of materials judged by the Sub-Committee not to meet the purpose of the awards.

Publication Date

The work must have been published during the 2021 or 2022 calendar year. For the 2023 awards, all calendar year 2021 publications and any 2022 publications whose nominations are postmarked by the December 15, 2023 nomination deadline will be eligible. In the case of continually updated websites, when a new version or update is nominated for the award, the Committee will consider the latest date published on the site as the publication date.


This Award is available to ARLIS/NA INDIVIDUAL members only (including special Individual membership categories such as "Honorary", "Student", "Retired", and "Unemployed"). Author(s) must have been an Individual ARLIS/NA member during both the year of publication (2021 or 2022) and the year of nomination (2023). Membership records held by the ARLIS/NA national headquarters will be consulted in the event of any questions regarding membership.

ELIGIBLE for consideration:

  • Group projects undertaken by NOT MORE THAN FOUR AUTHORS are eligible. At least half the participants must meet the above ARLIS/NA membership criteria.
  • Individuals may be considered for more than one publication.
  • Past recipients of the ARLIS/NA Research Award, the Worldwide Books Awards, and the H. W. Wilson Research Award are eligible.

NOT ELIGIBLE for consideration:

  • Institutional members, official groups, Committees, Chapters, Divisions, and Sections of the Society are not eligible to apply for this Award.
  • Current members of the ARLIS/NA Executive Board and the Research Awards Sub-Committee are not eligible.
  • Group projects undertaken by MORE THAN FOUR AUTHORS are not eligible. 

Nomination Procedure

Electronic publications to be considered for the Award may be nominated by self-nomination, nomination by a colleague, or nomination by the Sub-Committee. A completed Award Application (see link above) must accompany each nomination.

If the publication is a website or available online, the URL or other access point for the publication must be supplied, including passwords if necessary. In the case of non-traditional media or forms of dissemination, appropriate means for access must be indicated. Where nominators, authors, or publishers are unable to supply the Committee with access to the publication, the Committee will consult the publication, as available, in library collections.

Application Schedule

The application deadline is Friday, December 15, 2023. 

Application Review Process

The Research Committee will review and judge applications based on several factors, including:

1. Overall contribution to the field.
2. Originality of scholarship.
3. Effective presentation of material.
4. Quality of writing.
5. Appropriateness of format for the highest potential utilization of the material.

When works are judged to be of equal merit, preference may be given to applicants who have not previously received a research award.

Contact the Chair, ARLIS/NA Research Awards Subcommittee for questions.

Research Awards Subcommittee

Subcommittee of the Awards Committee.
Heather Gendron

Heather Gendron

Director, Haas Arts Library


Jennifer Friedman

Associate Dean for Research & Learning


Stacy Brinkman

Head of Education and Outreach


Karen Elizabeth DeWitt

Director, Design Library