Style and Format

Style Guidelines

ARLIS/NA publications follow the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style. Content should follow guidelines contained therein, including rules for capitalization. Unmodified nouns in lower case should be used only after the full name or acronym is used, e.g.:

  • Art Libraries Society of North America; ARLIS/NA; the society
  • ARLIS/NA Executive Board, the executive board
  • ARLIS/NA President Jane Doe; President Jane Doe; Jane Doe, president of ARLIS/NA; the president of ARLIS/NA; the president
  • ARLIS/NA Public Policy Committee; ARLIS/NA PDC; the committee

Consistency in terminology, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, underlining, spacing, as well as bibliographic format is desirable. Specific guidelines for formatting and style are as follows:

Format Guidelines
  • Use Microsoft Word. Avoid all outline formatting.
  • Preferred fonts, in hierarchic order:
  1. Chapter headings: Verdana (or comparable sans serif) 14 point bold
  2. Section headings: Verdana (or comparable sans serif) 12-point bold
  3. Sub-section headings: Garamond 14-point italic
  4. Text: Garamond 12-point

For further information, see ARLIS/NA Style Guidelines.