Research & Information Services Section (RISS)


RISS is a community of practice comprising researchers and educators from cultural and arts institutions across North America. We are public facing information professionals working in academic libraries, archives, and museum communities. We shape creative and research practices by educating our community about the contemporary information landscape and guiding the development of the skills and habits of mind necessary for lifelong learning and critical thinking. We foster creative confidence and play a critical role in building communities that support and enrich the arts and humanities.


  • Foster open, transparent communication to analyze current issues, trends, and developments in research practices, information retrieval, and discovery tools within ARLIS/NA
  • Model critical and reflective practice in our profession to encourage creativity and positive change in our community
  • Collaborate with other sections, divisions, and SIGs to advocate for projects that further information and visual literacy within the arts and humanities



Research & Information Services Section (RISS)

Nimisha Bhat

Visual Arts Librarian


Mackenzie Salisbury

Mackenzie Salisbury

Information Literacy Librarian

Vice Moderator