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JobList 30-day Posting

JobList Postings

ARLIS/NA welcomes job postings from any organization that has opportunities that may be of interest to our membership. All but professional position postings may be posted directly to the ARLIS-L listserv. 

Employment opportunities will be posted to ARLIS/NA's JobList, ARLIS-L (the Society’s listserv), and ARLIS/NA’s social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). JobList postings are displayed on the ARLIS/NA website for either 30 or 60 days, ensure you've selected the appropriate product. 30-day listings include:

  • Job listed on the ARLIS/NA website
  • One mention of the position on ARLIS-L.
  • One mention of the position on our social media sites.

Job postings must be paid in full for the position to be posted.

Contact Emily Clifford with any questions regarding the JobList or to provide additional files or information about your posting.

Non-Member Price: $200
Member Price: $150

Let's Get Some Additional Information

Please complete the requested information below to finish adding JobList 30-day Posting to your cart.

Enter the name of the employer or organization for the posted job.
Enter the location for the posted job, if applicable.
Enter the position title for the posted job.
Enter the salary, may include a range, for the posted job.
Enter the instructions for how applicants should apply for the position (may include a URL to apply).
Please submit any additional information you would like included in your job listing. If you would like to submit in a file format, please email