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This brief resource guide was compiled in response to requests from members of the Architecture Section for more information about materials libraries and their development. Many thanks to Tara Carlisle and Janine Henri of UT Austin for contributing content to this guide.

Written and compiled by Heather Ball, Head of the Art and Architecture Library at Virginia Tech

Some Exemplary Materials Libraries

Arizona State University

Architecture and Environmental Design Library
Materials Resource Center
Deborah Koshinsky, head, Architecture and Environmental Design Library

"The Materials Resource Center is an assemblage of manufacturers' catalogs, samples and other information. This is a teaching facility as well as a hands-on specifications laboratory focusing on products and building materials, especially those that are environmentally sensitive."

Fashion Institute of Technology - SUNY

Interior Design Resource Collection
Gladys Marcus Library
N. J. Wolfe, library director

"The Library maintains a professional-level product literature collection, containing many manufacturer and vendor catalogs for furnishings, lighting, plumbing fixtures and hardware, as well as a wide selection of fabric, paint, flooring, wood, and stone samples."

Parsons School of Design

Angelo Donghia Materials Library
Emily Stevenson, curator

"The Angelo Donghia Materials Library and Study Center is comprised of a library, a gallery, a computer lab, and a lecture hall. The Library allows students and faculty to review and check out state-of-the-art resources, putting the latest and most exclusive materials at their fingertips. Regular exhibitions at the gallery run by a full-time curator are open to the public, creating an open forum and dialogue with the larger interior design community."

University of Texas at Austin

School of Architecture
Materials Lab
Tara Carlisle, director

Articles about Materials Libraries

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