Humanities Commons Implementation Task Force Report

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The work of the Humanities Commons Implementation Task Force grew out of its predecessor, the Humanities Commons Planning Task Force, which was established in the fall of 2018 and concluded its work in the spring of 2019. The planning group recommended adoption of the Humanities Commons platform in order to provide improvements to society-provided infrastructure for association management, membership engagement and retention, and presentation and preservation of society-authored content. In addition to these achievements, the task force has identified issues that require future action and support from the society. Recommendations include more fully integrating the ARLIS/NA Commons as a platform as well as the ARLIS/NA Manager position into society business. Actions to achieve this include editing communication to new society members to include a ARLIS/NA Commons registration link and establishing an editorial board content advisory subcommittee that facilitates discussion on the Commons, society-authored content, and records management. Additions to the ARLIS/NA Policy Manual that define expectations for accessibility and guidance on records retention for constituent groups would also benefit the society. More broadly, the task force’s work has emphasized the importance of submitting society-authored content to a repository for effective preservation and discovery. By acting as a leader in information management, the society will educate and encourage its membership and others in the profession to follow its example. Read the full report in the ARLIS/NA Commons CORE Repository.