Census of Art Information Professionals: Preliminary Report of Findings

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About this Report:

This preliminary report is the first publicly shared summary of the results of the Census of Art Information Professionals (2016). It is organized following the order in which questions were asked, and includes primarily descriptive summaries, tables, and charts of the data collected.

ARLIS/NA plans a second task force charged with conducting more in-depth analysis of the data collected in the census. The few cross-tabulations performed on salary range data in the preliminary report provide insight into the types of information that can be gathered with further analysis. The second task force will also be responsible for making recommendations for future survey design and data collection.

As stated in recruitment messages for participation in the census, ARLIS/NA hopes that the data will provide benchmarks that will be useful for assessment, help determine future strategic initiatives for the Society such as recruitment and diversity initiatives, and assist librarians in articulating needs or trends to their administrations.

The census was developed and conducted by the Survey of Personnel Characteristics Task Force: Stacy Brinkman, Jon Evans, Billy Kwan, and Lily Pregill. Report prepared by Stacy Brinkman.