Membership FAQs

Membership FAQs

What is the ARLIS/NA renewal/membership cycle?
ARLIS/NA membership is based on the calendar year, from January 1st through December 31st. If someone joins after January 1st they will remain a member through December 31st of that year. If they join or renew after October 1st, once the yearly membership renewal season has started, they will be a member until December 31st of the following year.

When does ARLIS/NA’s yearly membership renewal season begin?
Headquarters begins sending renewal emails on Oct 1st. Reminder emails are sent in the following months.

How can I pay my membership dues with a check?
The online join or renewal options offer the opportunity to pay by check. Mail checks, made payable to ARLIS/NA, to ARLIS/NA, 4 Lan Drive, Suite 100, Westford, MA 01886. Include a copy of your dues invoice with the payment.

What is bundled membership?
Bundled membership allows people to join a regional chapter at the same time they are joining or renewing their Society membership. To find your chapter, consult the ARLIS/NA chapters page.

Who can use the bundled membership option?
All membership categories eligible for chapter membership may utilize the bundled membership option.

Are chapters permitted to accept membership dues directly?
Yes, chapters may accept payment for chapter membership dues directly. Chapters are responsible for maintaining their own membership rosters and can accept membership dues directly throughout the year. Chapters may not, however, accept payment for ARLIS/NA membership dues. All ARLIS/NA dues must be submitted via the website or to our headquarters.

When and how will chapters receive their membership dues disbursement from headquarters?

Headquarters disburses payments to chapters on a quarterly basis.

How often will chapters receive membership roster updates from headquarters?

Headquarters provides chapters monthly reports. Contact ARLIS/NA headquarters with any questions.

What should I do if I want to join more than one chapter?

ARLIS/NA members may join multiple chapters when joining or renewing their membership. Alternatively, you may also join each chapter directly.

I just got a new job! What happens if I change chapters midyear?

If you’re already a member of ARLIS/NA, you can join your new chapter directly. Please notify your current chapter of your move so they can keep an accurate membership roster.

Alternatively, you may contact the ARLIS/NA headquarters to update your chapter membership and remit dues for your new chapter.

Can I make a donation to ARLIS/NA or my chapter when I join or renew?

Yes! Donations to ARLIS/NA can be made directly through the ARLIS/NA website. After you join or renew you will be prompted to make a donation. Chapter donations should be made directly through the individual chapter websites.

Can I join the Canada Chapter?

The Canada chapter does not accept dues; however, if you live and work in Canada, you can be added to the roster of Canadian members and added to the ARLIS-Canada listserv - Within Canada there three chapters you can join with your bundled membership or directly through the chapter:

  • ARLIS MOQ covers Montreal, Ottawa, and Quebec City, and surrounding regions.
  • ARLIS Ontario covers the province of Ontario (excepting Ottawa) and is geographically based in southern Ontario.
  • ARLIS Northwest, a cross-border chapter, covers Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Yukon Territory.

Members may join any chapter of their choosing.