ARLIS/NA Applauds Award

The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) has established ARLIS/NA Applauds, an annual award to honor outstanding achievements by an individual member or group in the preceding calendar year. 

Previous Honourees


The ARLIS/NA Applauds Award honors an individual or a group of up to five persons to recognize an outstanding contribution to the Society’s work during the preceding calendar year.


The individual or group nominated should have distinguished themselves in service to the society in one or more of the following ways:

  • Participating in ARLIS/NA special projects;
  • Dedicating extraordinary time and energy to committee or advocacy efforts;
  • Advancing DEI initiatives;
  • Responding effectively or creatively to an unforeseen or urgent need of the society;
  • Contributing innovative or creative ideas to the profession;
  • Performing extraordinary volunteerism on the society’s or profession’s behalf;
  • Promoting the society’s professional values.


  • Nominees must be current ARLIS/NA members from any of the membership categories
  • Current members of the Executive Board and ARLIS/NA Applauds Awards committee members are not eligible for nomination.


  • Each award recipient will be recognized at the society’s annual conference convocation and receive a one-year complimentary individual membership to ARLIS/NA as well as a certificate of appreciation signed by the ARLIS/NA President and awards committee chair.


Nominations must be made using this form by January 15, 2024.

Nominations should address the nature, impact and scope of the contribution made by the nominee to the work of ARLIS/NA, using the list of criteria above.

Nominations for the ARLIS/NA Applauds Award may come from any of the following: 

  • ARLIS/NA current personal members in good standing,
  • An ARLIS/NA Chapter or
  • A group of ARLIS/NA members at-large. 

Nominations may not come from members of the ARLIS/NA Applauds Award Committee. Multiple nominations from the same nominators are acceptable.

Committee Procedures

  • Applauds Award will be solicited at least annually.
  • Copies of nominations will be distributed from the Chair to all Committee members within one week of receipt.
  • The Award committee will acknowledge the receipt of nominations to the principal nominators, reviews nominations, and forwards its final recommendation to the President. The names of other nominees shall remain confidential.
  • The ARLIS/NA Applauds Award Committee chair will notify the Award recipient. The committee chair notifies the principal nominators of both the Award recipient and unsuccessful nominations.
  • The name of an Award recipient will be publicly announced at the Convocation at the Annual Conference by the subcommittee chair.
  • The nominating packet of the Award recipient will be forwarded to the ARLIS/NA Archives.
  • The committee chair will provide ARLIS/NA headquarters with the name of the recipient to enable the awarding of a year’s membership. The chair will also provide a brief press release for publicity of the award.


  • Nominations will be solicited through ARLIS-L, the ARLIS/NA website, and other appropriate means prior to the annual meeting. 
  • The announcement of the name of the recipient(s) of the ARLIS/NA Applauds Award will be publicized by the ARLIS/NA Headquarters following the Annual Conference. The list of addresses for press releases is maintained at Headquarters.
  • A list of all ARLIS/NA Applauds Award recipients will be published on the ARLIS/NA Awards Website.

ARLIS/NA Applauds Subcommittee

Subcommittee of the Awards Committee.