ARLIS/NA Applauds Award Past Recipients 


Natisha Harper

The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) is pleased to announce that the 2021 ARLIS/NA Applauds Award will be given to Natisha Harper for her leadership in developing the POC Connections and Solution Series. The Applauds Award was presented at the ARLIS/NA 50th Anniversary Conference Awards Ceremony, in Chicago, on April 9, 2022.


Carol Ng-He and Claire Payne

The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) is pleased to announce a new annual award, ARLIS/NA Applauds, to honor outstanding achievements by an individual member or group in the preceding calendar year. Qualifying contributions include participating in ARLIS/NA special projects, dedicating extraordinary time and energy to committee or advocacy efforts, advancing DEI initiatives, responding effectively or creatively to an unforeseen or urgent need of the society, contributing innovative or creative ideas to the profession, performing extraordinary volunteerism on the society’s or profession’s behalf, and promoting the society’s professional values. The inspiration for ARLIS/NA Applauds was the extraordinary achievements of the first award recipients, Carol Ng-He and Claire Payne, who acted decisively to support the successful recasting of the society’s 2020 annual conference as an entirely virtual event.