2016 Study Tour, Netherlands

ARLIS/NA Study Tour to the Netherlands.

Sunday, June 12, 2016
to Saturday, June 18, 2016
The Netherlands
Category: Study Tours


ARLIS/NL will play a role in organizing a mini symposium and meet and greet. Michiel Nijhoff is liaison and will be the tour guide throughout the excursion.

We will stay in Amsterdam. Participants will arrange their own transport to and from Amsterdam and their reservation at the group hotel. The central starting points will be Amsterdam Central Station or the Center of Amsterdam.

The various libraries will present themselves on the basis of their distinguishing characteristics, be it the building, the collection, a new way of thinking or working.

There are also parts of the program dealing with non-library issues: i.e. architecture or exhibitions. The participants will be offered, by generous donations, a boat tour and dinner, some lunches, and a public transport card with 25 Euros on it. This card can be used all over the country for all kinds of public transport and can be uploaded with credit or debit cards.




Registration limited to 15 participants.

Tour Information


$300.00 USD is due at time of registration to hold a place on the accepted list or wait list. Funds will be used toward group activities or local group transportation during the trip. Wait list participants not selected for the trip will receive a full refund.

Cancellation Policy

A full refund of the Application Fee will be refunded for cancellations received before April 1, 2016. Cancellations received on or after April 1, 2016 are not eligible for a refund. Requests for refunds at this time must be made in writing to Group Leader, Rina Vecchiola.

Flight Arrangements

You are responsible for booking and paying for your own flight. Please note that you should not purchase your ticket(s) until you receive an email from the group leader that the minimum of 10 participants have been reached. ARLIS/NA and the Study Tour organizers are not responsible for travel to and from the Study Tour site and therefore are not able to issue any refunds for travel for any reason.


A Study Tour is a great opportunity to visit colleagues, their collections, and tour relevant cultural institutions while representing ARLIS/NA and your home institution. Past tours include library visits, business meetings, collections presentations, and are often in conjunction with conferences, symposiums, or colloquiums. Applications for ARLIS/NA Study Tours will be accepted for current ARLIS/NA members working or currently seeking employment as arts information professionals. Spouses, partners, or friends of Study Tour participants are welcome to travel with participants, however inclusion in tour activities or special events is at the discretion of the hosts.

An agenda is constructed by the tour leader in conjunction with hosts in the chosen location. All items on the agenda are by formal invitation of the hosts and the following guidelines are recommended for all scheduled activities:

  • Participants are expected to participate in the agenda provided by the host(s) and plan to visit local sites either before or after the Study Tour.
  • Study Tour schedules often begin early in the morning and include multiple visits throughout the entire day. Sometimes meals are included or time is allotted for meals on one’s own. It is important that all participants arrive at designated meeting points on time in order to keep the schedule accurate for all our hosts.
  • As representatives of ARLIS/NA and their institutions, participants should dress in a manner that is appropriate for business and wear shoes comfortable for extensive walking and standing.
  • Please refrain from separating from the group while in transit between tour locations.
  • Our hosts often include their supervising directors, or other VIP administrators, in our meetings and tours. Please be prepared to participate in discussions related to the arts information profession and follow all security rules provided by the host institution when invited to examine collections.
  • Not all items on the agenda will be of interest to everyone in a group, however our hosts will expect the entire group to participate and will plan activities based on our full number.
  • If a participant is unable to attend a scheduled part of the agenda, it is advised that the tour leader be informed before the activity. Participants are also recommended to send a note of regret to the host.
  • Many countries and cultures that we visit are very generous with receptions and souvenir gifts. It is recommended that participants bring business cards, brochures, and/or small hostess gifts that represent their institution. Participants should also plan to send thank you notes or emails after the trip is complete. 

For more information about the itinerary, travel plans or other questions contact the the group leader:

Rina Vecchiola