Opportunity Drawing

Come one, come all!

Line up to get your tickets for the opportunity drawing at the 2019 ARLIS/NA conference! (Why an opportunity drawing? To comply with Utah state laws on activities regarded as gambling! #UniqueUtah). A new event at the conference this year, the grand prize of the opportunity drawing is a $300 Apple gift certificate and secondary prizes include tickets to the Great American Beer Festival in October 2019. Opportunity Drawing tickets are a suggested donation of $5/each or $20/5 tickets. The more tickets you opt for, the better your chances of winning!

How do I win?

You must be present at the drawing to win your prizes. You can purchase tickets in advance online while registering for the conference or at any time during the conference at the registration desk.

What is an Opportunity Drawing?

This is an opportunity to win prizes and donate money to support the services that ARLIS/NA provides its members. This is a new initiative for the conference; we listened to your feedback about the silent auction and wanting fewer items to carry home with you. Show your support for the organization and your colleagues by participating!

What are the prizes?

  • Grand Prize:
    $300 to Apple—that new iPhone seems more doable, doesn’t it?
  • Secondary Prizes Include: