Published 3/1/17

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PPC News Alerts v. 3 n. 2, February 2017

Public Policy Committee News Alerts support the committee's mission to monitor public policy issues and keep the ARLIS/NA membership informed. The monthly alerts are intended to be conversation starters, help members keep up on public policy issues, and alert members to new developments. In honor of Fair Use week, the February Public Policy News Alert is all about Fair Use / Fair Dealing. Below find a FAQ and resources to find more information on this topic.

Fair Use FAQ:

What are Fair Use and Fair Dealing?
Fair use is a U.S. legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works in certain circumstances.

Fair dealing is a right described in Canada's Copyright Act that allows people to use parts of works still under copyright for research, study, education, or satire without paying royalties to the original creator.

What do Fair Use / Fair Dealing have to do with librarians?

Copyright and fair use / fair dealing have done a lot to shape how libraries operate by attempting to create a balance between the rights of authors/creators/publishers (represented by copyright) and users, including libraries (through fair use / fair dealing which are exceptions to copyright rights).

What do Fair Use / Fair Dealing have to do with art?
Fair use and fair dealing apply to images as well as text.

General Fair Use Resources:

Resources for Teaching Fair Use

Resources for Fair Use News: