Published 6/10/2014

Call for Reviewers: ARLIS/NA Multimedia & Technology Reviews

The ARLIS/NA Multimedia & Technology Reviews co-editors are seeking volunteers to author reviews for the August 2014 of the Society’s newest online publication. Contributing to ARLIS/NA Multimedia & Technology Reviews is a great opportunity to get involved with the Society, learn about interesting new resources, and help shape the publication. Read the review guidelines and direct comments and questions about the reviews to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To volunteer, choose your review topic from the list below and complete the review form by Friday, June 20, 2014. The submission deadline for reviews is Friday, July 11, 2014.
Developed by the Library of Architecture, Design, Preservation and Performing Arts “ is today the largest photo database of new Danish architecture in the 20th and 21st centuries. Contains over 7,000 photos of 790 buildings of more than 400 Danish architects...All images can be downloaded freely.”

Artifex Press
“Artifex Press is a new company dedicated to the production of digital catalogues raisonnés. Our first two catalogues are Chuck Close: Paintings, 1967-present and Jim Dine: Sculpture, 1983-present. Our next catalogues are for Sol LeWitt and Agnes Martin, with several more to follow.”
NB: Reviewer will need to register for free, limited-time subscriptions to the Close and Dine catalogues.

Artsy’s Art Genome Project
“The Art Genome Project is one of the primary ways Artsy provides access to art. It's a vocabulary for art & design; a recommendation engine; an innovative teaching tool; and a team at Artsy aiming to facilitate art education.”

Attention Journal
“Attention is Princeton’s Audio Journal for Architecture. It offers concentrated and curated discursive content about architecture in a format geared to a new kind of audience; today’s distracted multi-tasking digital natives.“ 

Century 21 Exhibition
“The Century 21 Exposition took place in Seattle from April 21 to October 21, 1962. It presented an optimistic vision of a future improved through science and technology and promoted Seattle to the world as a space-age city. This digital collection includes: 1) Over 1200 photographs of the fair taken by Werner Lenggenhager and others and 2) Books, brochures, reports and more from the Seattle Collection.”

CUNY Games Festival
“The CUNY Games Festival [was] a one day conference (plus informal game day) to promote and discuss game-based pedagogies in higher education...bring[ing] together faculty, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, game designers, and domain experts from various disciplines.”

Delve Video Essays
“Delve is a project with a simple aim: to inspire your curiosity by making complex ideas fascinating through our video essays. Each month we publish a long-form video essay exploring history, philosophy and other humanities in an unexpected way.”

Journal of Artistic Research
“The Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) is an inter-national, online, Open Access and peer-reviewed journal for the identification, publication and dissemination of artistic research and its methodologies, from all arts disciplines. With the aim of displaying practice in a manner that respects artists' modes of presentation, JAR abandons the traditional journal article format and offers its contributors a dynamic online canvas where text can be woven together with image, audio and video. These research documents called ‘expositions’ provide a unique reading experience while fulfilling the expectations of scholarly dissemination.”

“Masterclasse offers over 700 candid interviews with the cutting edge of Design, Art, Music, Fashion, Mechanical Art, Gastronomy, Jewellery illustrated with examples of their work. All our interviews are filmed by our team in the field [London,Paris,New York etc], then edited and authored entirely in-house in Melbourne or Berlin." NB: Reviewer will need to request password for free access.

National Portrait Gallery: Digital Resources
“Specially developed downloadable PDFs,audio and web-based resources to support school-based learning around portraiture and the Gallery’s exhibitions and the Collection.”

Rock the Boat
“In the summer of 2008, George Wolfe, a satirical writer and avid boater decided to paddle the entire 52 miles of the Los Angeles River, from the headwaters in Canoga Park to its mouth in Long Beach. He organized an expedition and, together with a dozen other ragtag locals he changed the course of the river forever. This film tells their incredible story, the story of the embattled waterway, and the story of Los Angeles' past, present and potential future.”