Published 4/25/2014

Sally Sims Stokes and Patrick Tomlin share their insights and reflections on membership in ARLIS/NA in the "What Our Members Are Saying" feature

Sally Sims Stokes: "It was a cold day in 1987. I had just started my new job in the University of Maryland Architecture Library as Historic Preservation Librarian under the late Berna Neal. A recent arrival from the Ohio State University Libraries, where I had not been working in a subject specialty, I was not familiar with ARLIS/NA; but Berna remedied that in short order by insisting I attend the annual meeting with her in Washington. The chair that year was the remarkable and inspiring Caroline Backlund, whom I met, for the first time, at that 1987 conference ..."

Read Sally's full narrative.

Patrick Tomlin: "I was a rogue art historian when I first learned of ARLIS/NA. The organization became a welcome presence shortly after I finished my doctoral work in art history at Northwestern University and proceeded to enroll in the graduate library science program at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The year was 2006. Pat Thompson, head of the Sloane Art Library at UNC (and a great mentor, to boot), introduced me to ARLIS/NA, its wide-ranging activities, and many of its regional ARLIS/SE members ..."

Read Patrick's full narrative.

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