Published 6/28/17


ARLIS/NA chapters that wish to host the 49th Annual Conference in 2021 may now submit a proposal to the Executive Board. 

Proposals should be sent to Chapters Liaison Catherine Essinger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2017. Chapters should follow the submission guidelines below and find additional information in the Policy Manual, Conference Planning Manual, and Conference Planning Timeline.

The Annual Conference should regularly move from East to Midwest to West to South.  It should also take place in Canada every 10 years. Please consult the conference history for a list of past sites.

The Chapters Liaison solicits invitations to host the annual conference well in advance of the mid-year board meeting. Invitations are generally submitted by a single chapter, but may also be submitted by chapters that agree to host as partners. Successful proposals from previous years may be shared. According to the Conference Planning Timeline, conference hosting proposals are submitted 3-5 year before the conference date.

The selection process is competitive. Proposals are examined independently, but the Board must consider the need to move the location as identified above. The strength of the proposal is taken into account: Is it well-written? Are the members on the ground sufficient to fill the required roles and volunteer positions? Will the conference theme and location offer ample opportunities for professional development? Is the location likely to result in the recruitment of new and student members? Are there a sufficient number of local institutions to support programs and local arrangements?

The proposal should be in the form of a letter addressed to the Chapters Liaison and the Executive Board. The proposal should include:

  • The host city location
  • Possible hotel locations: ideally three, plus another conference location, if different from the hotel (such as a convention center). Details about adequate meeting space, possible workshops and tours, and suggested locations for convocation, membership meeting, receptions, and special events should all be included. Tours should take attendees to unique places and may encompass a full or half day. Local universities or other educational locales should also be included, if applicable.
  • The artistic, architectural, and cultural highlights of the city, particularly those that can serve as conference sites for tours, workshops, and special events.
  • Transportation details: Nearest airports, bus, car, subway, etc.
  • Possible conference theme
  • A suggested conference committee with names and institutions may also be included. Local arrangements chairs should reside in or close to the host city. Those in other conference planning positions need not reside near the city.

Once the Executive Board selects the host site, the Chapters Liaison notifies the host chapter(s). If it has not already done so, the chapter identifies Program Chairs and Local Arrangements Chairs at least three years prior to the conference.  Ideally there should be two Program Co-Chairs and two Local Arrangements Co-Chairs, but one in either role will suffice, if necessary. The Chapters Liaison submits these names to the President, who officially appoints the chairs by letter.