Thinking About NOLA: Airport Transportation, Weather, and What to Wear

Happy Friday ARLISians!

We are on the home stretch and getting close to the dates of our annual meeting in lovely New Orleans. Let’s talk about the nitty-gritty of getting to the hotel from the airport.

If you take a look at our conference site’s “About New Orleans” page, you will find all kinds of information about getting from the airport to the hotel including taxi, Uber, bus, and shuttle.

I have used airport to hotel shuttles in many, many cities and have never had a problem. They may take longer than you would like, depending on the number of hotels they must stop at to drop off passengers, but at times your hotel stop will be the first one! Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

The conference site says there is not a mass transportation option from the Airport available, but the Louis Armstrong International Airport site gives information on two bus options.

A member tells me he has taken the bus from/to the Airport, but I see that the bus, or busses, take (at least) 50 minutes, and I am unsure of how close to our hotel they come, so you may need to make a transfer.

See the Airport site given above for a description of the difference in the two bus routes that  run from the Airport to downtown.

As for the weather – be prepared! Winter in the south is rainy and New Orleans is no exception. I do not travel anywhere without my hooded rain slicker (remember the rainy walk to the welcome party in Seattle?), and you will at the very least want to pack an umbrella, as well as shoes you don’t mind getting wet! Add New Orleans to the cities on your smartphone weather app, or stay apprised of the forecast another way. The weather can change rapidly, and don’t forget how windy it can get when you are near a body of water.

Wear your favorite things, but it is winter so it’s always smart to pack layers (sweaters, vests, jackets) in addition to having a coat.

During this current week in New Orleans, it’s balmy with rain showers, but some days of full sun are in the forecast. This being said, I know the Conference committee members have ordered beautiful weather for the week of February 5th especially for you!

See you in New Orleans,

E. Lee Eltzroth, ARLIS/NA 2017 Publicity Coordinator