Thinking about New Orleans: Walking Tours (Part I)

Cue music: Walking Through New Orleans

Put on your walkin’ shoes!

John Klingman, architect, historian, Favrot Professor of Architecture at Tulane University, and longtime Garden District resident, will be our guide for three different walking tours of iconic New Orleans neighborhoods and places. Tour size is limited by City ordinance, so sign up before they fill up! Check out the full range of NOLA 2017 experiences on the ARLIS/NA 2017 Conference website.

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Thinking about NOLA: Books! (Part 2)

Happy Friday on a Monday, ARLISians!

The holiday season just began, so it’s time to consider your February trip to New Orleans for the ARLIS/NA annual conference — and you need some reading material!

Your book, or books of choice might be read (real book or ebook), or listened to (audio book), during your “hurry up and wait” at the airport, and/or for that plane trip that lasts longer than it should, and/or to unwind after a long, exhausting day of sessions and tours in New Orleans. The following are only a few suggestions for your reading pleasure.

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Conference Tours: Tulane Tour Block

"A Grand Soiree Dansante," 1909. Tulane University Online Exhibits, Early New Orleans Jazz Posters.
“A Grand Soiree Dansante,” 1909. Tulane University Online Exhibits —  Early New Orleans Jazz Posters.

Come early for the conference and spend part of Monday, February 6th getting to know one of the country’s most unique institutions of higher learning, Tulane University. ARLIS/NA has organized three fantastic tours of some of Tulane’s most notable special collections. Keep reading for full details.

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Thinking about New Orleans: Books (Part I)

Happy Friday, ARLISians!

OK, you are getting ready to take that trip to New Orleans in February to join your colleagues for the ARLIS-NA annual conference — you need some reading material!

Maybe you need something to get yourself in the NOLA mood when you have more time over the upcoming holidays?

No matter if you prefer to read in hardback, paperback, or ebook, there is much available to inspire and delight you. Let’s talk today about “classic” New Orleans-related literature. The following are just a few suggestions.

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Thinking about New Orleans: Photography

It’s a Friday, and you have another weekend to consider your trip and make plans to attend the annual ARLIS/NA conference this coming February — which is fast-approaching. We will be in the beautiful city of New Orleans for Arts du Monde. Registration will be open online on the first of November, in only a few more days!

We recently examined NOLA-centric films, so let’s take a look (of course!) at still photography related to New Orleans. When it comes to photography collections, New Orleans is the proverbial embarrassment of riches, but here are just few of interest.

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ARLIS/NA 2017 Conference Blog and Social Media

Happy Thursday, ARLISians!

In less than one week, registration officially opens for the ARLIS/NA 45th annual conference, Arts du Monde. As you start to plan for all of the wonderful things you’ll see, hear, and taste in New Orleans, consider following ARLIS/NA across all of our platforms!

In addition to the ARLIS-L listserv, you can monitor conference happenings and updates through the conference website and blog, the ARLIS/NA Facebook page (ARLIS/NA FB), Twitter (@ARLIS_NA), Instagram (@ARLIS_NA) and Pinterest (ARLIS/NA).

You can also track and share your conference questions and experiences with our official conference hashtag: #ARLIS2017. In the lead-up to February’s events, we’ll be highlighting New Orleans sights and sounds across these channels, along with conference and travel tips.

We’re excited to see you all in the Crescent City!

Stephanie Grimm, Conference Web Coordinator
Lee Eltzroth, Publicity Coordinator

Thinking about New Orleans: Movies

Hello again ARLISians,

Today’s fun Friday post — to help you think “New Orleans is a must” for the February 5-9, 2017 ARLIS-NA Conference — is about movies. Whether you stream them via Netflix, Hulu, or another source, or check out the DVD from a library, these movies and one television series — using New Orleans as a central character — are very easy to locate.

Of course, there are many documentaries available about the city, many concentrating on Hurricane Katrina or the situation in post-Katrina New Orleans. But let’s talk about fictional representations.

Now, go start your popcorn and get ready for the weekend!

NOLA Theater
Movie Theatre on Saint Charles Street. Liberty Theater, New Orleans, Louisiana, by Walker Evans, 1935-36; FSA/OWI Collection, LC-DIG-fsa-8e08107, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

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Thinking about New Orleans: Music

Hi, ARLISians!

This is my first post to you as the ARLIS-NA 2017 NOLA meeting publicity coordinator. For the months of October into December on (some) Fridays I will be writing about fun New Orleans-related things to make you “think about NOLA,” and decide you simply must be in New Orleans, February 5-9, for the 45th Annual Conference, Arts du Monde!

Today, I will talk about that quintessential New Orleans treat — music.

Jazzman, New Orleans; Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division; Photographs in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.
Jazzman, New Orleans; Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division; Photographs in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

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