Thinking about NOLA: Getting around, resources, and apps!

Hello ARLISians!

You have noticed that the Conference website has a very good description and breakdown of transportation and getting around options in New Orleans. You now can check out the Local Guide there — it has Neighborhood Maps and a description of each neighborhood’s attractions. Familiarize yourself with this great resource!

You can find a very nice, downloadable map on the Downtown NOLA site. On this map our conference hotel is located near the river, top right side.

To stay up with what is going on with the city’s streetcars — if you are on Twitter, follow #RTAServiceAlert and on Facebook @NewOrleansRTA

You can always contact the RTA Ride Line Customer Care Center at 504-248-3900 / or online at The RTA also has a “GoMobil” app listed on the website, available on both iTunes and Google Play. With this app you can buy and use passes, including an Integrated Ferry, Bus, and Streetcar Pass.

When the ARLIS/NA Southeast Chapter met in New Orleans in November 2013, Kathy Edwards was smart enough to put together a list of apps on the city available for smartphones. At that time there were over 300 related to New Orleans via iTunes, and about 240 via GooglePlay — you know how many more there must be by now? A lot!

New Orleans Online provides links to several apps for smartphones that you may find useful. Included are those related to history, music, night life, maps, tours, sports, and even a Paranormal Guide to New Orleans!

Another great suggestion that came from Kathy Edwards is the very fun Make a Day of Riding the Saint Charles Streetcar.

There is a nifty “map” book you will want to see for more, and different, information on New Orleans. In 2013, the Southeast Chapter was very privileged to hear Ms. Solnit and her coauthor Rebecca Snedeker speak about their book, Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas.

“The innovative maps’ precision and specificity shift our notions of the Mississippi, the Caribbean, Mardi Gras, jazz, soils and trees, generational roots, and many other subjects, and expand our ideas of how any city is imagined and experienced.”

And for another look at this book (“surprising and predictable, trite and original, liberating and limiting, deceptively accurate”) see the review at New Orleans Review.

Remember! The last day to register for childcare will be Monday, January 9. For details, see our previous post on childcare options at the conference.

E. Lee Eltzroth, ARLIS/NA 2017 Publicity Coordinator  

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