Silent Auction: donations and updates

Happy 2017 ARLIS!

Cross off that New Year’s resolution of donating to the upcoming Silent Auction today. What sort of things can you donate? Well, everything and anything! Here’s some items on our wishlist: all types of exhibition catalogs, intriguing artists’ books, weird and wonderful handmade cards, unique jewelry, textiles, photographs, prints…turns out there’s a lot of things we want! Click the link below to donate:

ARLIS/NA 2017 Silent Auction Onsite Donation Form

Wherefore art thou Etsy?

Seattle saw the very first conference Etsy site for ARLIS/NA and while we hoped to pursue this effort again this year, policy changes with Etsy have caused some roadblocks. It has been the decision of the Silent Auction Coordinators to forego the online shop and focus efforts to the on-site Silent Auction.

So what does this mean for you? Instead of shopping online, you can shop in person for homemade goods created by our talented membership! If you had been considering donating something for Etsy, we encourage you to still donate to the Silent Auction. Conference attendance is not required to make a donation as you can ship ahead of time. Please contact Leslie Vega and Breanne Crumpton at arlisnolaauction2017 [at] gmail [dot] com for more info or with any questions.

Breanne Crumpton and Leslie Vega, ARLIS/NA 2017 Silent Auction Coordinators

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