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You’ve registered at the Early Bird rate (good through Dec. 30th!); you’ve booked your hotel room and flight; you’re thinking about the great restaurants, neighborhoods, and landmarks to visit in New Orleans. What’s next?

With only seven weeks to go til #ARLIS2017, this is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the conference program, scheduling tools, and ARLIS/NA social media channels. Read on to learn more about SCHED, our conference planning tool, and how to keep up with real-time conference happenings across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Using SCHED: mobile apps and more!

ARLIS/NA uses SCHED to manage and promote its conference programming. You can view the schedule at-a-glance, see who’s planning to attend which sessions, and use the built-in social media functions to easily share sessions and let your friends and followers know when and where you’re presenting.

Before getting started, register and set up your personal profile in SCHED.

Once you have an account, you can bookmark your favorite sessions and organize “your” conference schedule. You can also use SCHED’s mobile app and iCal functions, which give you more options to view and manage your schedule from your smartphone, tablet, or other portable device. (Your schedule is saved for “offline” viewing on your device, so you’ll be able to see it with or without internet access.)

To use these features:

  • Log into SCHED from the ARLIS/NA 2017 Program page.
  • Look for the “Mobile App + iCal” icon.
  • Follow the instructions for the Mobile App or iCal import.

  • Use the SCHED web app:
    • Using your smartphone or tablet, visit
    • Follow the prompts to save the entire conference schedule as a mobile app.
    • To save only your bookmarked events: tap the profile icon in the upper-right corner to log in first, then follow the prompts.

This saves your schedule as an icon on your phone or tablet screen, giving you quick access to your bookmarked events.

  • Use iCal for Apple, Google Calendars, or Outlook:
    • This option adds your SCHED events to an iCal, Google, or Outlook calendar. The events are synced, so any changes to the conference program or to your “bookmarked” events are automatically updated in your calendar.

Social Media Channels

As you share your tour photos on Instagram or live-Tweet that session on information literacy, be sure to use the official conference hashtag, #ARLIS2017. This is an excellent way to track your conference experiences and tag your questions, and to follow live updates from other attendees.

You can also follow ARLIS/NA official accounts across various channels:

We can’t wait to see you all in the Crescent City!

Stephanie Grimm, Conference Web Coordinator

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