What Our Members Are Saying

Brought to you by the ARLIS/NA Membership Committee

What Our Members Are Saying: Bronwyn Dorhofer

Access Services and Outreach Librarian, University of Oregon Portland Library & Learning Commons

How did you first become aware of ARLIS/NA?
During my final year of college I was offered a full-time position as a library assistant at the Portland Art Museum (Oregon). I had been studying art history in school and was excited to have landed a position which aligned closely with my intellectual interests. In our library stacks I discovered a copy of Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship (edited by longtime ARLIS/NA member, Joan Benedetti) which was my first introduction to ARLIS/NA.

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What Our Members Are Saying: Serenity Ibsen

To celebrate the ARLIS/NA + VRA 3rd Joint Conference, "What Our Members Are Saying" includes guest posts by Visual Resources Association (VRA) members.

Technical Services and Archives Librarian, Pacific Northwest College of Art

Upon completion of my MLS in 2011, I was hired as technical services and archives librarian at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in Portland, Oregon. Because this position mainly deals with digital asset management, my supervisor decided between the two arts-centric professional organizations—the Visual Resources Association was the most appropriate.

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What Our Members Are Saying: Suzanne Rackover

Manager, Library & Archives, Paul D. Fleck Library & Archives, The Banff Centre

 ARLIS/NA was my first introduction to the professional world of art librarianship. Attending my first conference in Minneapolis and learning that there was a cohort of art librarians in Canada and around the world that I could turn to for mentorship and professional council was a revelation. Having the umbrella of ARLIS/NA to structure our meetings and guide us through policymaking, collection building, and professional development is invaluable, particularly in Canada where for many of us the next closest art librarian could be several hundred kilometers away.


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