The Society Circle was formed in 2003 to serve as the Society's fundraising organization.

Anyone who donates to ARLIS/NA is automatically part of the Society’s giving circle. Society Circle members directly support the mission of ARLIS/NA through their contributions. A list of donation levels and benefits is on the Donate Now page.

Donations help support all areas of ARLIS/NA, including special travel awards for the annual conference. Society Circle members have supported these awards since the Circle's founding in 2003.

The Circle supports the following special and conference-related activities: 
  • Conference Speakers Fund

The Conference Speakers Fund supports attendance costs and a small honorarium for non-ARLIS/NA member speakers at the annual conference.

  • Internship Fund

The fund goes to support the Wolfgang M. Freitag Internship Award which provides financial support for students preparing for a career in art or architecture librarianship, or visual resources curatorship.

The internship aims to represent the multifaceted nature of the field by providing internship opportunities to students currently enrolled in, or having completed within the last 12 months, a graduate program in library/information science, art history, architectural history, architecture, studio art, or museum studies. The grant supports a 150 hour internship in an art library or visual resources collection.

  • Conference Speakers of Color Fund

The Conference Speakers of Color Fund, formerly known as the Alternative Voices Fund, was established in 2008 to bring a diversity of voices to the ARLIS/NA annual conference by encouraging participation by speakers of color who are not Society members. The fund supports attendance costs and a small honorarium for selected speakers who self-identify as persons of color. All donations to the fund will count towards your Society Circle membership.

  • Travel Grant Fund

Funding opportunities for members and non-members who wish to attend the ARLIS/NA annual conference.

  • International Relations Study Tour Scholarship

The International Relations study tour scholarship was established in 2017 to allow an early-career ARLIS/NA member to participate in the annual study tour abroad organized by the International Relations Committee. This competitive scholarship offers financial assistance for global professional development opportunities. The study tour gives an early-career ARLIS/NA member the transformative benefit of deepening their knowledge of global collections, practices, and engagement with colleagues abroad. All donations to the scholarship fund will count towards your Society Circle membership.  

Impact of Awards

Heather GendronThe year I received the Internship Award (2001) was the first time it was awarded. The committee had worked so hard to get the award established and there was so much excitement about it - the experience gave me a strong sense that ARLIS/NA was an organization of people highly committed to the future of ARLIS/NA and art librarianship as a whole. The internship experience gave me excellent concrete experience to put on my resume. I also received mentoring from librarians at the University of Texas, Austin where my internship was hosted, as well as from members of the internship award committee. As someone new to the art library profession, it made a big impact. Through the ARLIS/NA members I encountered, I saw a very positive facet of the organization that I have tried to replicate throughout my career and through my ARLIS/NA activities. The whole experience inspired me to actively participate in the organization. I was subsequently asked to serve on the committee for the internship award, which gave me a foothold into ARLIS/NA. I learned how to network and became more confident in volunteering for ARLIS/NA projects. Later on, I was nominated to serve as an ARLIS/NA Executive Board member and served as its President – so I think we can safely say this award really helped jump-start my dream career!

- Heather Gendron: Internship Award 2001, 2016 ARLIS/NA President

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2017-2018 Society Circle Members

(September 2017 - August 2018)

Founder's Circle

Joan Benedetti
Sherman Clarke

Daniel Starr

President's Circle

Sandra Ludig Brooke
Janis K. Ekdahl
Carole Ann Fabian
Milan R. Hughston (in memory of Lois Swan Jones)
Ronald A. Javitch (in memory of The Rt. Hon. Anthony Hobson)
Deborah A. Kempe (in honor of Heather Gendron and Kathryn Wayne)

Roger C. Lawson
Gregory P. J. Most (in honor of Lamia Doumato)
Lindy Narver
Mark Pompelia (in honor of Carol S. Terry)
Deborah Barlow Smedstad
Peter A. Stern

Patron's Circle

Jeanne Brown
Susan A. Davi
Jon Evans
Susan J. Flanagan
Shalimar Abigail Fojas White
Paula B. Gabbard
Jennifer Garland
Edward Goodman
Janine J. Henri
Amy E. Lucker

Elizabeth M. O'Keefe
Christina K. Peter
Faith Pleasanton (In memory of Kirk Varnedoe)
Mark Pompelia (in memory of Robert Scott Brooks)
Kristen Regina
Sylvia Robert
Ann Roll
Marilyn L. Russell
Sandra J. Still (in honor of Joan Benedetti)
Kathy J. Woodrell

Member's Circle

Robert W. Adams
Peter Blank
Patricia J. Barnett (in memory of Christian Huemer)
Amanda Bowen
Roberta Brody
Caley Cannon
Marilyn Carbonell (in honor of Marianne Cavanaugh)
Sarah C. Carter (in honor of Betty Jo Irvine)
Amy N. Ciccone
Kimberly (Kim) Collins
Jolene Marie de Verges
Samantha Deutch
Judy Dyki
Kathy Edwards
E. Lee Eltzroth (in honor of Harlan L. Sifford)
Melanie E. Emerson
Margaret English
Suzy Frechette
Doris Freitag (in memory of Wolfgang M. Freitag)
Rebecca K. Friedman
Tamara L. Fultz
Leigh Gates
Heather Gendron
Carol H. Graney (in memory of Martha Hall)
Patricia Guardiola
Claire Gunning
Megan Claire Halsband
V. Heidi Hass
Holly Hatheway (in honor of Kathryn Wayne)
Valerie Hoyt
Eumie Imm Stroukoff
Trudy B. Jacoby (in memory of Howard Karno)
Katharine Keller
Lindsay M. King
Clayton Carroll Kirking
Eric H. Kline
Lynette Korenic (in memory of William C. Bunce)
Gabriele Kottke
Rodica Tanjala L. Krauss
Deirdre Lawrence (in honor of William B. Walker)
Kris Liberman
Dan Lipcan
Cara A. List

Sarah Long
Martha R. Mahard
John A. Maier (in honor of Sherman Clarke)
Martha S. Maier
Eileen Markson
Susan M. Moon (in memory of James A. Findlay)
Darin Murphy
Nancy Norris
Maria Oldal
Elizabeth Peck Learned (in memory of Merrill Wadsworth Smith)
Katie Pierce Meyer
Henry A. Pisciotta
Isotta Poggi
Elizabeth (Lily) A. Pregill
Jacqueline L. Protka
Barbara Reed
Gabrielle Reed
Sylvia Roberts
Lori Salmon
Suzanna B. Simor (in honor of Faith Pleasanton)
Heather Slania
Christopher Stewart
Cordes M. Tarantino (in memory of Janette E. Swickard)
Edward H. Teague (in memory of Christine H. Teague)
Carol S. Terry
Darlene I. Tong
Allen K. Townsend
Deborah K. Ultan (in honor of Herbert Scherer)
Lee B. Viverette
Margaret N. Webster
Michael R. Weintraub
Alice Whiteside
Hugh Wilburn (in memory of Wolfgang M. Freitag)
Thomas E. Young
Floyd M. Zula
Spyros Koulouris
Nicole Beatty
Luke Leither
Alexander Watkins
Terry Kogan
Giovanni Scorcioni (in honor of Amanda Bowen)

Contributor's Circle

Amy Ballmer
Yvonne D. Boyer
Cyndie Campbell (in memory of Murray Waddington)
Michael Carter (in memory of Laura Tatum)
Breanne Crumpton
Philip Dombowsky
Catherine Essinger
Marika Herskovic
Timothy Kaneshiro
Vada D. Komistra (in memory of Caroline Backlund)
Tammi L. Lawson
Marie-Chantal L'Ecuyer-Coelho

Sara J. MacDonald (in memory of Martha Hall)
Josephine Murphy
Denise G. O'Malley
Rebecca M. Price
Heather Saunders
Bettina Smith
Felipe Smith
Christine L. Sundt
Kay Teel
Sha Towers
Anelia Tuu
Martha Walker

Past Founder's Circle Members


Joan Benedetti
Sherman Clarke
Daniel Starr


Joan Benedetti
Sherman Clarke


Joan Benedetti
Sherman Clarke (in honor of Wittenborn Books)


Joan Benedetti
Sherman Clarke (in honor of Wittenborn Books)
Doris Freitag (in memory of Dr. Wolfgang M. Freitag)


Joan Benedetti


Joan Benedetti 


Joan Benedetti
William Dane


Joan Benedetti
Deborah Boudewyns


Joan Benedetti 


Joan Benedetti
Wolfgang Freitag (In Honor of Pamela J. Parry)


Joan Benedetti 


Nancy Allen (in honor of Caroline Backlund)
Joan Benedetti*
Deborah Ultan Boudewyns (Francis V. Gorman Art Library Fund, University of Minnesota, Wilson Library) 


Joan Benedetti
Betty Jo Irvine (in honor of Indiana University graduates specializing in Art and Visual Resources Librarianship)