ARLIS/NA New York 46th Annual Conference

Conference Child Care

For the second year in a row ARLIS/NA is pleased to offer on-site conference child care for attendees. By offering quality care for infants through young children we hope to make the conference more family-friendly and accessible for working parents. Conference child care is generously underwritten by ARLIS/NA and the Executive Board.

Nanny Poppinz, a national nanny placement agency, will be providing care at the conference hotel Monday, February 26 through Wednesday, February 28. Nanny Poppinz is experienced at providing child care in a conference hotel setting; their clients include traveling parents and major league sports teams.


When is care available?
Monday, February 26 through Wednesday, February 28, 8am - 5pm.

How much does it cost?
$40 a day per child. The fee is per daily use, whether you use the service for a few hours or the whole day.

Where does the care take place?
In the hotel. ARLIS/NA will reserve rooms as needed for the number of children using the service. Pack and Plays and a quiet space will be provided for naps.

Who will be providing care?
We've contracted with Nanny Poppinz, a national nanny placement agency. They will provide caretakers to meet our needs (1:2 ratio for infants; 1:3 ratio for toddlers). All caretakers have a minimum of three years experience and have undergone a thorough background check. You can read testimonials for Nanny Poppinz here. Nanny Poppinz is a fully insured company.

Is evening care available?
Parents can contract individually with Nanny Poppinz for an evening sitter for $18 an hour (one child) or $19 an hour (two children). An agency fee of $40 may apply.

What ages are allowed?
Infants through age 6. Last year most of our attendees were under age 1!

Can I visit throughout the day and check on my child?
Absolutely. Parents are welcome to stop by and cuddle and nurse their children as needed.

What will the kids be doing all day?
Activities will depend on the age groups using care but will stay on the premises. The care providers will bring age-appropriate activities. Last year the toddlers built pillow forts, ran hallway races, built block towers, played games, and read lots of books. The babies had fun crawling around and snuggling with the nannies.

What will they eat?
Send whatever snacks and meals you'd like for your kiddo. Room service is also an option. If it turns out that many people need food to be provided we could consider a delivered lunch.

Who can I contact with additional questions?
Anna Simon, conference child care coordinator:

Testimonials from parents who used conference child care in New Orleans:

I thought the childcare arrangement was excellent. My interactions with the Charmed Life staff revealed that they were knowledgeable and experienced, especially Maria. The staff followed the instructions I gave them for naps and feedings, and G was perfectly content in their care. They asked about her development and encouraged her to reach her next milestones. I loved that the room was in the conference hotel, so I could come and go quickly and easily. I was able to check on my daughter every time I had a 10-minute break, which was a wonderful experience for us both. I also thought the $40 daily rate was affordable.

My child was 8 months old at the time we used the childcare service and still breastfeeding. Maria was able to send me a text message when my daughter needed to be fed which was incredibly helpful. It made it possible for me to spend long days (8am-6pm) at the conference without having to deal with the logistics of pumping, which would have been more complicated for me as I was not staying in the conference hotel. Maria was kind enough to start her days at 8am, which was also very helpful as two out of three days I had meetings at 8am.

They did a great job keeping our older kids happy--they had them do relay races through the halls just outside of the room, they built "igloos" with ice from the ice maker, they made pillow forts, and had art supplies on hand. They did a great job of making 7 hours in a hotel room fun and enriching...We ended up hiring this company to do in-hotel room babysitting while we were still in NOLA, and it was great!