Volunteers are not entitled to payment for time worked or to complimentary or discounted conference registration. Volunteers must register for the full conference to attend Special Events and must register and pay for Tours and workshops if they wish to attend them. It is assumed that volunteers who are ARLIS/NA members will register for the conference. Volunteers who are not ARLIS/NA members (including chapter members who do not hold an ARLIS/NA membership) may be entitled to receive day passes to attend sessions.

Social-media savvy volunteers needed to tweet and flickr.
To volunteer or for more information, contact: Victoria Sigurdson vsigurdson@ocad.ca

Workshop Shepherds
The majority of workshops will be at off-site venues; directions will be provided to all participants. Up to 9 Workshop Shepherds are required. The Workshop Shepherd will help participants find their way to the venues by public transit and also assist with directions to places to eat, if required, either before or after the workshop. Familiarity with the area in which the venue is located would be very helpful.

For anyone already planning to register for a workshop, please consider assuming the role of Shepherd.

To volunteer or for more information, please contact:
Contact: Mary Kandiuk mkandiuk@yorku.ca

Tour Shepherds
The tour shepherd will meet and organize the group at the start of the tour, accompany the group throughout the tour, and be the liaison with the venue/attraction. For bus trips, the tour shepherd must get everyone on and off the bus in a timely fashion, keep the group to the planned schedule, and be the liaison with the bus driver. Depending on the number of registrants, the bus tours may need one additional volunteer to help corral the group. For half-day tours which are getting to their destination by public transit, the tour shepherd will meet the group at the hotel and lead them over to the designated venue/starting point. The shepherd will organize the group and keep them to the planned schedule throughout the tour, and lead the group back to the hotel if required.

For anyone already planning to register for a tour, please consider offering your services to assist the tour shepherd during the tour.

To volunteer or for more information, please contact:
Linda Morita lmorita@mcmichael.com (905) 893-1121 x2255

Exhibit Hall Ambassadors
Volunteers needed to work minimum 2-hour shifts to assist exhibitors with setup/break down; provide relief for solo exhibitors; provide welcoming environment for exhibitors and assist with answering questions or relaying questions to exhibit coordinators. Time Frames: Friday, March 30: 9:30am to 7:30pm; Saturday, March 31: 8am to 1:30pm; 2:30 to 5:15pm; Sunday, April 1, 9am to 12:30pm; 2:30 to 8pm. Critical Times: Friday, March 30: 9:30 am to 7:30pm; and Sunday, April 1, 6:30 to 8pm

To volunteer or for more information, please contact: Kari Horowicz kehwml@rit.edu 585-475-7871 or Larry Pfaff Larry_Pfaff@ago.net

Hospitality/Registration Desk
Volunteers needed to organize materials, stuff bags, etc. before the conference and to work minimum 3-hour shifts on the Desk, mornings, afternoons and evenings, from 9am Thursday, March 29 to 12noon Monday, April 2, 2012. To sign up please click here.

To volunteer or for more information, please contact Peggy Haist Peggy.Haist@utoronto.ca or Danielle Manning Danielle.Manning84@gmail.com

Special Events
Volunteers needed for 2-3 hours, to meet and greet, hand out programs, help audience find seats, and direct attendees to buses and reception venues.
Opening Plenary Speaker and 40th Anniversary Celebration/Welcome Party: Friday, March 30 (from 7:30pm)
Convocation: Saturday, March 31 (from 5:45pm)
Closing Plenary Speaker and Exhibits Closing Reception: Sunday, April 1 (from 3:45pm)

To volunteer or for further information, please contact Zita Murphy zmurphy@ryerson.ca

Conference Networking Program
Information for first-time conference attendees who would like to take advantage of the Conference Networking Program, and for ARLIS/NA veterans who would like to serve as moderators to new attendees.

To sign up as a mentor or mentee, click here.