If you would like to meet new colleagues and contribute to the success of our conference, we invite you to volunteer a few hours of your time by

If you have general questions about volunteering please email Virginia Allison (virginia@lalouver.com) or Krista Ivy (krista.ivy@ucr.edu).

Volunteers are not entitled to payment for time worked or to complimentary or discounted conference registration. Volunteers must register for the full conference to attend Special Events and must register and pay for Tours and workshops if they wish to attend them. It is assumed that volunteers who are ARLIS/NA members will register for the conference. Volunteers who are not ARLIS/NA members (including chapter members who do not hold an ARLIS/NA membership) may be entitled to receive day passes to attend sessions and should contact Virginia Allison (virginia@lalouver.com) or Krista Ivy (krista.ivy@ucr.edu) for further information.