#ARLIS2017: Final Workshops Reminder

As the 2017 ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in New Orleans draw closer, consider adding a workshop to your conference schedule before Advanced Registration ends on January 23rd.

Some workshops are sold out. Workshops with remaining slots include:

Slots are filling up fast! Check out the conference program for dates, times, and detailed descriptions on the open workshops: http://www.arlisna.org/neworleans2017/program.php

Kristin Keough, Workshops Coordinator

#ARLIS2017: Spotlight on Instruction and Collections Workshops

Happy New Year and welcome to another spotlight on ARLIS/NA New Orleans Conference Workshops! Today, we will look at a set of workshops that will help you enhance your skills with building collections and with meeting the needs of visual arts researchers.

Getting Started with Web Archiving answers the increasingly pressing need faced by art information professionals to collect, preserve, and provide access to valuable born-digital materials. Workshop facilitators will provide participants with help in getting started with such projects, often the most difficult part of the process. During the 2-hour workshop, attendees will be provided with the opportunity to review precedents, draft action plans, and get their hands dirty with some existing technologies. The cost of this workshop is $25.

Next, Teaching Fair Use to Arts Researchers, will likewise provide participants with the tools they need for supporting another pressing need faced by art librarians and information professionals. This 2-hour workshop will provide attendees with an understanding of fair use issues, how to apply knowledge of fair use and integrate it with library instruction, and how to (legally) address questions surrounding fair use law. Participants will also have the opportunity to work through materials from the ARLIS/NA Fair Use Instructional Materials project, which will focus on hands-on learning, example presentations, interactive exercises, group activities, and much more. The cost of this workshop is $40.

Finally, this year’s Postcards from the Edge workshop: Mardi Gras Culture and Costume from the Old World to the New World, is a shouldn’t-be-missed opportunity to learn more about Mardi Gras, carnival, and festival culture right where it all happens. Attendees at this almost 4-hour workshop will become immersed in the sights, sounds, and captivating resources that make up the unique histories of festivals. The site of the workshop – the Louisiana State Museum – is particularly notable for its collections on Mardi Gras. The workshop will also be led by local experts – 2 historians and a Mardi Gras artist. The resources discussed at this workshop will also be of wider interest to those who study and support art history, craft, performance, music, costume, and cultural history, among other disciplines. The fee for this unique experience is $30.

Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities!

Kristina Keough, Workshops Coordinator

Spotlight on: Professional Development Workshops

Today, I would like to take a closer look at two workshop offerings that will give you tools and tips for your career and professional development.

First, the ArLiSNAP Career Development Workshop will offer a multi-part experience aimed at providing students and newer professionals with resources needed for breaking into the art librarianship field. These will include (1) a session on crafting a vision statement that also connects to career mapping exercises (very appropriate for visual arts librarians!), (2) an open forum with seasoned professionals from a variety of types of institutions and with experience as hiring managers, and (3) a resume review session with one’s peers and with the workshop panelists. This is a FREE workshop, so don’t wait to register!

Your second professional development workshop opportunity is offered in the form of ARLIS/NA’s Yearlong Mentoring Program. The conference workshop is just one facet of the Mentoring Subcommittee’s sponsored year-long program. The conference workshop will pair mentors and mentees interested in leadership roles. This will be ideal for those newer professionals looking for long-term support from someone outside one’s current work or educational environment. And for those with more professional leadership experience, don’t hesitate to sign up as a mentor. The conference workshop and the year-long Mentoring Program are also FREE! Take a closer look and sign up for these right away!

There are only 18 more days to register at the Early Bird Registration rate, so register today!

Kristina Keogh, Workshops Coordinator

Spotlight: Creative Process Workshops at ARLIS/NA 2017

Today I would like to highlight two exciting workshops that will allow you to engage with your inner artist and learn more about artists’ book processes and structures.

File:Print works typesetting, Beamish Museum, 9 July 2010.jpg
Typesetting equipment, Beamish Museum, County Durham, England, CC BY-SA 2.0. via Wikimedia Commons

First, the Letterpress Printing Workshop will allow participants to explore typesetting using both metal and wood type and to print assembled text using a hand operated cylinder printing press. This workshop will be taught by book artist, designer, and printer, Jessica Peterson. Jessica owns The Southern Letterpress in New Orleans and will be hosting participants at her press. The cost of the workshop is $75, which includes transportation and supplies. There is a limit of 10 participants for this workshop (taking place on Sunday, Feb. 5 from 1-4pm) so don’t hesitate to sign up if you are interested!

Next, the Folded Book Forms Workshop, facilitated by Alicia Bailey of the Abecedarian Gallery, will allow you to delve deeper into the innovative book structures that fill many artists’ book collections. Participants will use paper and basic tools to produce a set of sample books that can be used for reference and inspiration for future projects. Structures will include the Blizzard/Crown Book, Reverse Hinge Binding, Woven Accordion, and time permitting, the Turkish Map Fold. No previous experience is required. This workshop (taking place on Monday, Feb. 6 from 8am-12pm) has a cost of $60 and is limited to 12 participants. Sign up today!

Look out for forthcoming posts highlighting the career and skill development workshops on offer in New Orleans!

Kristina Keogh, Workshops Coordinator


As you plan your New Orleans 2017 ARLIS/NA Conference itinerary and travel schedule, don’t forget to check out the array of workshops offered to enrich your experience. This year’s workshops include a number of activities and opportunities to enhance your skill sets, including introductions to letterpress printing or innovative book structures, career development and mentoring programs, and programming that supports your efforts to collect and to teach with emerging needs in mind.

At the 2017 New Orleans Conference, we are pleased to offer the following half-day and shorter workshops, which will take place on Sunday, Feb. 5 or Monday, Feb. 6:

  • Letterpress Printing Workshop
  • Postcards from the Edge: Mardi Gras Culture and
  • Costume from the Old World to the New World
  • ArLiSNAP Career Development Workshop
  • Folded Book Forms
  • Yearlong Mentoring Program
  • Getting Started with Web Archiving
  • Teaching Fair Use to Arts Researchers

I will be posting more about our workshops in the coming months. Until then, check out the conference program for dates, times, and detailed descriptions: http://www.arlisna.org/neworleans2017/program.php

Kristina Keogh, Workshops Coordinator