Conference Tours: The Music Box Village

New Orleans Airlift is the leading creator and exhibitor of out-in-the-streets public art in New Orleans. They have been creating connections, performances and opportunities via large-scale spectacles since 2007. Founders Delaney Martin, Jay Pennington, and Taylor Shepherd established the Airlift to highlight the city’s underground art, and under-the-radar artists. They work with New Orleans’s dynamic street culture, folk masters and a growing contemporary arts scene to create exhibitions, workshops, festivals, and performances both locally and beyond. New Orleans is the last great bastion of living folk culture in the United States. The Airlift’s projects honor these traditions alongside innovation, leading their artists, culture and communities in meaningful new directions. Join us on this tour of their flagship project: The Music Box Village.


The project pushes artistic boundaries, but more importantly it brings together people of all stripes for a heartwarming, creative experience that has equal appeal for a musical giant such as Thurston Moore or a gaggle of 5 year olds.

After building and tearing down two previous temporary versions, the Music Box was finally installed in its permanent home in the summer of 2016. Tour attendees will hear a presentation by Airlift founders and participating artists and then have time to explore and interact with this uniquely New Orleans artists’ project.

Watch this video from their 2015 incarnation at City Park for a taste of what the Music Box Village has to offer.

Lindsey Reynolds, Tours Coordinator

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