Marilyn Russell

Director of Library Programs
Institute of American Indian Arts
March/April 2006

I have been a member of ARLIS/NA since 1987 and I consider it the most important professional organization to which I belong. I treasure the many benefits it offers to me but most important are the many friends and colleagues I have acquired during the past eighteen years. ARLIS/NA membership offers me the opportunity of networking with other Art Librarians and Library Directors. This is in addtion to gaining valuable insight into new technologies, information literacy; artists creative efforts, management issues, collection development, library instruction, digital imaging, and numerous other topics.

This organization offers me the unique opportunity for growth as an Art Librarian and Library Director... through participation as a presentor at conferences, committee chair, committee member, attendance at Annual Conferences, mentor to new Art Librarians, writing book reviews and articles for Art Documentation, and most importantly networking with others who hold the same regard for ARLIS/NA. I thank the ARLIS/NA Headquarters personnel and the Executive Board for their continued committment to excellence for this organization in all that it does.