Sherman Clarke

Head of Original Cataloging
New York University Libraries
November/December 2005

ARLIS/NA has been part of my professional and personal life since I was coming out of library school in 1973. Judy Hoffberg and others provided a framework for us to grow and prosper as professionals and friends. The people I worked with in ARLIS/NA also provided connections to the College Art Association, the American Library Association, the Society of Architectural Historians, and the Visual Resources Association. We catalogers in ARLIS/NA soon established discussion groups that have survived and thrived since the early conferences. Our mail round robins of the early days have fallen away but the discussion groups linger on. I can still picture being in the convocation hall in Washington (1975), talking to Chris Huemer, Carol Mandel and some others about the need for another cataloging subgroup about classification. They said "do it!" It was that "do it" attitude that got us started and keeps us going. But ARLIS/NA has not only been about professional connections and getting things done and questions answered, even more fundamentally it's about making the friends that provide those connections and answers, and sustain us.