ARLIS/NA 2010 Google Calendar

This year, we are using Google Calendar as the conference scheduler; it's painless and pretty straightforward. A few things you will need to do....

1) Create a Google Account (if you do not have one already). You will need an account in order to dowload and/or sync the ARLIS 2010 calendar with your own Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCal, Sunbird, or mobile devices (see below).

2) Click here to access a static version of the calendar. Look for the button in the lower right-hand corner of the calendar; it will open up a general Google login page from which you can download, sync or customize the ARLIS calendar with your own calendar or mobile application.

Google's directions for synching:

Sync with Microsoft Outlook

Sync With Apple iCal or Mozilla Sunbird

Sync with mobile devices - Google Calendar is available in two mobile versions: a basic version and an optimized version available for Android, iPhone and Palm webOS devices. For an overview of Google Calendar and mobile devices, see this page.